The Celtici were a Celtic tribe of the Iberian peninsula, akin either to the Lusitanians and Gallaecians or the Celtiberians, living in what today are the provinces of Alentejo and the Algarve in Portugal, though some migrated north alongside the Turduli. Their presence was the result of a third or even fourth wave of migrations of Celts (or other speakers of Indo-European languages) into Iberia. Their migration most likely occurred in the 4th century BC, coming from the La Tène culture.

Their main cities were Lacobriga (probably Lagos in the Algarve), Caepiana (in Alentejo), Braetolaeum, Miróbriga (near Santiago do Cacém), Arcobriga, Meribriga, Catraleucus, Turres, Albae and Arandis (near Ourique).They appear to be the main group responsible for the "celticization" of the Conii, in the Algarve.


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