Elis (disambiguation)

Elis is an ancient district that corresponds with the modern Elis Prefecture.

Elis may also refer to:

* Elis (band), a gothic metal band
* Elis (students), students at Yale University
* Elis (surname), a Welsh surname
* Elis Province, a province of Greece
* El Limonar International School (ELIS), international schools group in Spain

People with the given name Elis:

* Alfred Elis Törnebohm (1838-1911), Swedish geologist
* Elis Bakaj (born 1987), Albanian footballer
* Elis Regina (1945-1982), Brazilian singer
* Elis Sandin (1901-1987), Swedish cross country skier
* Elis Sipilä (born 1876), Finnish gymnast
* Elis Strömgren (1870-1947), Swedish-Danish astronomer
* Elis Wiklund (1909-1982), former Swedish cross country skier

ee also

* Elias (disambiguation)
* Elis-Thomas

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