Soccer Shootout (Gladiators)

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Int. Year = Unknown
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Soccer Shootout was an event played in the South African series of "Gladiators". In this event, participants engaged in a penalty shoot out.


On the whistle, a contender would have to kick a football towards a goal defended by a Gladiator. Contenders have five attempts to kick the ball at the goal, earning one point for each successful attempt. After the five attempts, the contender then makes one last try, albeit by picking the ball up and running towards the goal. The Gladiator is allowed to tackle the contender using his body (similar to a rugby tackle). If the contender evades the Gladiators and manages to make across the goal line, an extra 5 point are scored.

Event History

outh Africa

Years active: Unknown

Soccer Shootout was only played in the domestic South African series of Gladiators. It was not played during the 'Springbok Challenge 2' series which was filmed in South Africa.

The second part of the event in which the contender runs with the ball is similar to the 'Breakthrough' part of the Breakthrough & Conquer event from American Gladiators and the Finiish series.

Other than Spidercage, this was the only known event not to originate from either America or the UK.


* [ Gladiators Zone- South Africa]

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