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Beta Kappa Gamma (ΒKΓ) is a national South Asian interest social fraternity established at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) on May 6, 1999. Beta Kappa Gamma enjoys excellence as the first South Asian fraternity dedicated to community service at the University of Texas. Beta Kappa Gamma's objectives include providing service to the community through various philanthropic activities, increasing South Asian awareness, promoting academic scholarship, and creating a strong bond of brotherhood within its ranks. Beta Kappa Gamma was founded by twelve young men who came together with a single purpose - a vision of creating a timeless institution to cultivate brotherhood, knowledge, leadership.


On May 6th, 1999, twelve young men came together with a single vision - the vision of creating a timeless institution to cultivate brotherhood, knowledge, and growth. The result of that vision is Beta Kappa Gamma.

As the first South Asian fraternity dedicated to community service at the University of Texas, Beta Kappa Gamma enjoys unparalleled excellence. Our hundreds of members have performed groundbreaking medical research, participated in the development of cutting-edge technology, worked at prestigious firms, and earned the highest honors of academia. Beta Kappa Gamma attracts future leaders, but its members' individual achievements is its strongest asset.

Beta Kappa Gamma's strength lies within the commitment to brotherhood, integrity, and unrivaled excellence. Its brothers are not individuals, but products of the preparation and guidance that only Beta Kappa Gamma can provide.

Founding Fathers


"Brotherhood + Knowledge = Growth"

Mission Statement

Beta Kappa Gamma prides itself in its unique effort to promote growth as well as integration within society. The primary goal and essential mission is to strengthen bonds between existing peoples while becoming more active in the community.


Beta Kappa Gamma has kept a strong focus on the community during its almost ten years in existence and will always continue to do so. Beta Kappa Gamma has worked with several large and small scale organizations that help out the community in many different ways. These organizations range from children shelters to cancer research and prevention foundations to food banks, and much more. It is one of the primary goals of Beta Kappa Gamma to continuously help out the community from year to year and we look forward to being able to produce larger and more profound events as we grow.

Specifically, the brothers of Beta Kappa Gamma have focused their philanthropy towards helping underprivileged children with their Brothers Kollecting Gifts week in the Fall that raises money for Christmas gifts to be given to disadvantaged children in the local community. Their Operation World Hunger in the Spring aims to raise money to prevent world hunger issues. Across the nation, the brothers of Beta Kappa Gamma time and again make an impact on the communities surrounding their campuses as well as the global community with their philanthropic focus.


While community service is Beta Kappa Gamma's main focus, members also participate in brotherhood building events. These events form the foundation of a successful fraternity and help us progress towards building and attaining stronger brotherhood. By uniting brotherhood and knowledge, the brothers of Beta Kappa Gamma hope to make a difference in the community while growing with one another.

ocial Integration

Beta Kappa Gamma has been committed to bridging the diversity gap through social integration. As a brotherhood, the focus is to develop the moral fiber of the members so that they can learn to act as men in their respective communities. The importance placed on brotherhood and community service are only part of the picture of growth that is painted in the minds of the young men that join this fraternity. A solid commitment to bringing the off-campus communities together fosters a stronger understanding of community, brotherhood, and the rewards that can be found in the combination of both. This emphasis leads to an understanding of the importance of a sturdy balance between academics and social integration, which cultivates not only a better comprehension of what is to come in the world after college, but also the ability to contend with real world issues in the future. By working with others in and out of the South Asian community, we aim to build character and strengthen relationships with those who hold similar goals. This fast commitment has led to many successes for the fraternity.


Beta Kappa Gamma exists for the benefit of its members. It is in the interest of potential members to concentrate on academics during their first semester at college. It is no secret that Greek life - aside from the demands of university life - requires a substantial time commitment. It is through this emphasis on academics that Beta Kappa Gamma is able to boast an average GPA of 3.35 at our UT Austin Chapter, impressive when compared with any other organization. Beta Kappa Gamma is proud to carry the highest GPA in the Greek community at UT Austin. Beta Kappa Gamma encourages you to use your first semester to prove your intellectual capabilities and become familiar with college life. The first semester can help a person grow and mature as this will help prepare any individual for rush in the spring.


*A - University of Texas at Austin
*B - Ohio State University []
*Γ - University of Texas at San Antonio []
*Δ - University of Houston []
*E - Colorado State University

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