Dry weight (motorcycle)

Dry weight is an unstandardized technical measurement that refers to the weight of a motorcycle without any consumables, passengers, or cargo. It is one of the two common weight measurements included in motorcycle specifications, the other one being wet weight. The dry weight of a motorcycle can exclude, but is not limited to, gasoline (or any other fuel), engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, or battery.

There is no standardized way to test the dry weight of a motorcycle. Inconsistencies will almost always be found between a motorcycle manufacturer's published dry weight and motorcycle press and media outlet's published dry weight. This is due to different testing techniques, differences in what is being excluded, and a lack of defining how testing was conducted by the organization doing the testing. A battery is typically excluded from dry weight by manufacturers but not always by media outlets. Some press and media outlets just exclude fuel to define their dry weight. For a typical sport bike, the difference between wet weight and manufacturer claimed dry weight is around convert|70|lb|kg|abbr=on|lk=on. [ [http://www.amadirectlink.com/news/2006/cbr600rr/ Ridden & Reviewed: 2007 Honda CBR600RR ] ] This difference includes around convert|30|lb|kg|abbr=on of gasoline, convert|7|lb|kg|abbr=on of engine oil, convert|7|lb|kg|abbr=on of coolant, and convert|9|lb|kg|abbr=on of battery. These weights are even larger for bigger motorcycles with higher capacities.


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