The Smugglers (band)

The Smugglers are a Canadian indie rock band. The band consists of vocalist Grant Lawrence, guitarists Nick Thomas and David Carswell, bassist Beez and drummers Graham Watson and Bryce Dunn.


* 1990: "Up and Down" (Nardwuar, 7-inch)
* 1991: "At Marineland" (Nardwuar)
* 1992: "At Germany" (Screaming Apple, 7-inch)
* 1992: "Atlanta Whiskey Flats" (PopLlama)
* 1993: "In the Hall of Fame - All Time Great Golds" (PopLlama)
* 1993: "Wet Pants Club" (Radiation, mini-LP)
* 1994: "Gotta Gotta Gotta" (For Monsters, 7-inch, split with Hoods)
* 1994: "Party Party Party Pooper!" (Mint, 7-inch, 5 different covers)
* 1994: "Tattoo Dave" (Top Drawer, 7-inch, split with Bum)
* 1994: "Wet Pants Club" (Radiation)
* 1995: "Senor Pantsdown" (Rock and Roll Inc., EP)
* 1995: "Talkin bout You" (Pin Up, 7-inch)
* 1995: "Whiplash!" (1+2)
* 1996: "Selling the Sizzle" (Mint/Lookout)
* 1996: "Summer Games" (Mint/Lookout, split with Hi-Fives)
* 1997: "Buddy Holly Convention" (Mint/Lookout, EP)
* 1998: "Growing Up Smuggler" (Mint/Lookout, live, 10th anniversary)
* 2000: "Rosie" (Mint/Lookout)
* 2001: "Smugglers/Mach Pelican" (Corduroy, split 7-inch)
* 2002: "Useless Rocker" (Supersonicrefridge, 7-inch picture disc)
* 2004: "Mutiny in Stereo" (Mint/Lookout/Screaming Apple)

Tracks on Compilations

* 1989: "Revenge", "Oh God, My Moms On Channel Ten!"
* 1992: "Shes Got Everything", "Clam Chowder and Ice Versus Big Macs and Bombers"
* 1995: "Amnesia", "13 Soda Punx" (Top Drawer/Munster)
* 1995: "Stop! Look! Listen!", "Skookum Chief Powered Teenaged Zit Rock Angst" (Nardwuar)
* 1995: "Supercar", "R.A.F.R." (RAFR/Flipside)
* 1995: "What Do You Want Me To Do", "Oh Canaduh" (Lance Rock)
* 1995: "Whatd I Do Wrong", "Upsalapalooza" ( [ WFMU] , live track)
* 1996: "B.A.B.E.", "En Guard For Thee" (Au Go Go)
* 1996: "Especially You" and "Elite Manilla", "Heide Sez" (Lookout)
* 1996: "She's A Runaround", "Here Comes The Summer: A Tribute To The Undertones" (Squaretarget)
* 1996: "To Serve, Protect And Entertain", "She Ain't No Egyptian" and "Barkerville", "Team Mint" (Mint)
* 1997: "Cans Of Love", "You're Only As Good As The Last Thing You Did" (Lookout)
* 1997: "Keep On" and "Rock With The Smugglers Tonight!", "More Bounce To The Ounce" (Lookout)
* 1997: "Rock 'n' Roll Was Never This Fun", "All Punk Rods Gearhead magazine" (Gearhead/Lookout)
* 2000: "Alan Thicke", "My So Called Punk Rock Life" (Melted)
* 2000: "Flying Buttress Of Love", "Lookout! Freakout" (Lookout)
* 2001: "Buddy Holly Convention", "Rosie", "Rock n’ Roll Was Never This Fun", "Team Mint 2" (Mint)
* 2003: "Larry Where Are You", "Lookout Freakout 3" (Lookout)

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