Tendency of an organism or part of an organism to turn towards or respond to a mechanical stimulus.

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • Thigmotropism — is a movement in which an organism moves or grows in response to touch or contact stimuli. The prefix thigmo comes from the Greek for touch . Usually thigmotropism occurs when plants grow around a surface, such as a wall, pot, or trellis.… …   Wikipedia

  • thigmotropism — 1900, from thigmo , comb. form meaning touch, from Gk. thigma touch + TROPISM (Cf. tropism) …   Etymology dictionary

  • thigmotropism — [thig mä′trə piz΄əm] n. [ModL: see THIGMOTAXIS & TROPISM] STEREOTROPISM thigmotropic [thigmə träp′ik] adj …   English World dictionary

  • thigmotropism — noun Etymology: Greek thigma + International Scientific Vocabulary o + tropism Date: 1899 a tropism in which contact especially with a solid or a rigid surface is the orienting factor …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • thigmotropism — n. [Gr. thigma, touch; tropos, turn] Tropism in which direction is determined by contact with a solid body; stereotropism …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • thigmotropism — thigmotropic /thig meuh trop ik, troh pik/, adj. /thig mo treuh piz euhm/, n. Biol. oriented growth of an organism in response to mechanical contact, as a plant tendril coiling around a string support. [1895 1900; < Gk thígm(a) touch + o +… …   Universalium

  • thigmotropism — noun Growth or motion in response to touch …   Wiktionary

  • thigmotropism — A movement toward or away from a touch stimulus on the part of a portion of an organism, such as leaves or tendrils. Cf.:thigmotaxis. [G. thigma, touch, + trope, a turning] * * * thig·mot·ro·pism thig mä trə .piz əm n a tropism in which physical… …   Medical dictionary

  • thigmotropism — n. growth in response to mechanical contact (Biology) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • thigmotropism — [ˌθɪgmə(ʊ) trəʊpɪz(ə)m] noun Biology the turning or bending of a plant or other organism in response to a touch stimulus. Derivatives thigmotropic adjective Origin early 20th cent.: from Gk thigma touch + tropism …   English new terms dictionary

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