Charybdotoxin-related peptide toxin (39 residues) from scorpion Centruroides noxius. Blocks mammalian voltage-gated potassium channels and high-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels.

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • Margatoxin — (MgTX) is a peptide that selectively inhibits Kv1.3 voltage dependent potassium channels. It is found in the venom of Centruroides margaritatus, also known as the Central American Bark Scorpion. Margatoxin was first discovered in 1993. It was… …   Wikipedia

  • Iberiotoxin — is an ion channel toxin purified from the Eastern Indian red scorpion Buthus tamulus .Iberiotoxin selectively inhibits the current through large conductance calcium activated potassium channels. Chemistry Iberiotoxin is a 37 amino acid peptide.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Centruroides noxius — Scorpion. See noxiustoxin …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • margaratoxin — Charybdotoxin related peptide toxin (39 residues) from scorpion Centruroides margaritatus. Blocks mammalian voltage gated potassium channels in neural tissues and lymphocytes. Very similar to noxiustoxin and kaliotoxin …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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