The same as hyperlipidaemia.

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • hyperlipoproteinaemia — n. the presence in the blood of abnormally high concentrations of lipoprotein …   Medical dictionary

  • hyperlipoproteinaemia — n. the presence in the blood of abnormally high concentrations of lipoproteins …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Гиперлипопротеинемия (Hyperlipoproteinaemia) — аномально высокое содержание в крови липопротеинов. Источник: Медицинский словарь …   Медицинские термины

  • ГИПЕРЛИПОПРОТЕИНЕМИЯ — (hyperlipoproteinaemia) аномально высокое содержание в крови липопротеинов …   Толковый словарь по медицине

  • Hexacyclonate — Drugbox IUPAC name = 2 [1 (hydroxymethyl)cyclohexyl] acetic acid width= 200 CAS number= 7491 42 1 ATC prefix= ATC suffix= PubChem= 23444 DrugBank= C=9 | H=16 | O=3 molecular weight = 172.222 bioavailability= metabolism = elimination half life=… …   Wikipedia

  • Xanthoma — Classification and external resources Photograph of patient s hands showing multiple xanthoma tendinosum. Kumar et al. Cases Journal 2008 ICD 10 E …   Wikipedia

  • Medical sign — A medical sign is an objective[1] indication of some medical fact or characteristic that may be detected by a physician during a physical examination of a patient.[2] Signs may have no meaning for, and can even go unnoticed by, the patient, but… …   Wikipedia

  • Zieve's syndrome — is an acute metabolic condition that can occur during withdrawal from prolonged alcohol abuse. It is defined by hemolytic anemia, hyperlipoproteinaemia (excessive blood lipoprotein), jaundice, and abdominal pain.cite book | last=Mehta | first=AB… …   Wikipedia

  • Hyperlipidemia — DiseasesDB = 6255 MeshID = D006949 Hyperlipidemia, hyperlipoproteinemia or dyslipidemia is the presence of raised or abnormal levels of lipids and/or lipoproteins in the blood. Lipids (fatty molecules) are transported in a protein capsule, and… …   Wikipedia

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