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  • Cataphract — Cat a*phract (k[a^]t [.a]*fr[a^]kt), n. [L. cataphractes, Gr. ?, fr. ? covered, fr. ? to cover; kata down, wholly + fra ssein to inclose.] [1913 Webster] 1. (Mil. Antiq.) Defensive armor used for the whole body and often for the horse, also, esp …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cataphract — (n.) coat of mail, Middle English, from L. cataphractes breastplate of iron scales, from Gk. kataphraktes coat of mail, from kataphraktos covered up, from kataphrassein to fortify, from kata entirely (see CATA (Cf. cata )) + phrassein …   Etymology dictionary

  • Cataphract — A cataphract was a form of heavy cavalry used by nomadic eastern Iranian tribes and dynasties and later Ancient Greeks and Romans. Historically the cataphract was a heavily armed and armoured cavalryman who saw action from the earliest days of… …   Wikipedia

  • cataphract — noun a) Defensive armor used for the entire body and often for the horse, also, especially the linked mail or scale armor of some eastern nations. b) A horseman covered with a cataphract …   Wiktionary

  • cataphract — cataphractic, adj. /kat euh frakt /, n. 1. a heavily armed war galley of ancient Greece. 2. a suit of ancient Roman scale armor for a man or horse. 3. Zool. the bony plates or scales covering the body of certain fishes or reptiles. [1575 85; < L… …   Universalium

  • cataphract — n. ancient Greek warship; scaled suit of armor worn by ancient Romans; Roman soldier wearing a suit of armor; (Zoology) system of hard scales that cover the bodies of some fishes and reptiles …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cataphract — cat·a·phract …   English syllables

  • cataphract — /ˈkætəfrækt/ (say katuhfrakt) noun an ancient coat of mail. {Latin cataphractes, from Greek kataphraktēs coat of mail} …   Australian English dictionary

  • cataphract — noun armor that protects the wearer s whole body • Syn: ↑body armor, ↑body armour, ↑suit of armor, ↑suit of armour, ↑coat of mail • Hypernyms: ↑armor, ↑armour …   Useful english dictionary

  • Persian Cataphract — Persians used cataphracts many times during the Parthian and Sassanid empire they were used even earlier during the times of the Achaemenid Empire against Alexander the great. The persian commanders (Erān Spahbod or Spahbod) most elite guards… …   Wikipedia

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