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scale counts are sometimes presented in the form of a formula. The number of scales above the lateral line is given above as the numerator, the number below the lateral line as the denominator under the line; before and after this fraction are given respectively the lowest and highest number of scales in the lateral line, e.g. 44 9-10/12-14 48, means 44 to 48 scales in the lateral line, 9-10 scales above the lateral line (not including the mid-dorsal scale) and 12-14 scales below the lateral line. Sometimes the count is given as L. transv. 9/14 which means 9 scales above and 14 below the lateral line. Sometimes also given as 9+70+11, meaning 9 above the lateral line, 70 in the lateral line, 11 below the lateral line

Dictionary of ichthyology. 2009.

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