Ammoniac Am*mo"ni*ac(or Gum ammoniac Gum` am*mo"ni*ac, n. [L. Ammoniacum, Gr. ? a resinous gum, said to distill from a tree near the temple of Jupiter Ammon; cf. F. ammoniac. See {Ammonite}.] (Med.) The concrete juice (gum resin) of an umbelliferous plant, the {Dorema ammoniacum}. It is brought chiefly from Persia in the form of yellowish tears, which occur singly, or are aggregated into masses. It has a peculiar smell, and a nauseous, sweet taste, followed by a bitter one. It is inflammable, partially soluble in water and in spirit of wine, and is used in medicine as an expectorant and resolvent, and for the formation of certain plasters. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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