Scorpion Scor"pi*on, n. [F., fr. L. scorpio, scorpius, Gr. ?, perhaps akin to E. sharp.] 1. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of pulmonate arachnids of the order {Scorpiones}, having a suctorial mouth, large claw-bearing palpi, and a caudal sting. [1913 Webster]

Note: Scorpions have a flattened body, and a long, slender post-abdomen formed of six movable segments, the last of which terminates in a curved venomous sting. The venom causes great pain, but is unattended either with redness or swelling, except in the axillary or inguinal glands, when an extremity is affected. It is seldom if ever destructive of life. Scorpions are found widely dispersed in the warm climates of both the Old and New Worlds. [1913 Webster]

2. (Zo["o]l.) The pine or gray lizard ({Sceloporus undulatus}). [Local, U. S.] [1913 Webster]

3. (Zo["o]l.) The scorpene. [1913 Webster]

4. (Script.) A painful scourge. [1913 Webster]

My father hath chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions. --1 Kings xii. 11. [1913 Webster]

5. (Astron.) A sign and constellation. See {Scorpio}. [1913 Webster]

6. (Antiq.) An ancient military engine for hurling stones and other missiles. [1913 Webster]

{Book scorpion}. (Zo["o]l.) See under {Book}.

{False scorpion}. (Zo["o]l.) See under {False}, and {Book scorpion}.

{Scorpion bug}, or {Water scorpion} (Zo["o]l.) See {Nepa}.

{Scorpion fly} (Zo["o]l.), a neuropterous insect of the genus {Panorpa}. See {Panorpid}.

{Scorpion grass} (Bot.), a plant of the genus {Myosotis}. {M. palustris} is the forget-me-not.

{Scorpion senna} (Bot.), a yellow-flowered leguminous shrub ({Coronilla Emerus}) having a slender joined pod, like a scorpion's tail. The leaves are said to yield a dye like indigo, and to be used sometimes to adulterate senna.

{Scorpion shell} (Zo["o]l.), any shell of the genus Pteroceras. See {Pteroceras}.

{Scorpion spiders}. (Zo["o]l.), any one of the Pedipalpi.

{Scorpion's tail} (Bot.), any plant of the leguminous genus {Scorpiurus}, herbs with a circinately coiled pod; -- also called {caterpillar}.

{Scorpion's thorn} (Bot.), a thorny leguminous plant ({Genista Scorpius}) of Southern Europe.

{The Scorpion's Heart} (Astron.), the star Antares in the constellation Scorpio. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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