Linnaeus Linnaeus (l[i^]*n[=e]"[u^]s) n. Carolus Linnaeus, also called {Karl von Linn['e]}. Born at R[*a]shult, Sm[*a]land, Sweden, May 13, 1707: died at Upsala, Sweden, Jan. 10, 1778. A celebrated Swedish botanist and naturalist, founder of the {Linnean system} in botany. He made a journey to Lapland in 1732; resided in the Netherlands 1735-38; and became professor of medicine (later of botany) at Upsala in 1741. Among his works are ``Systema natur[ae]'' (1735), ``Fundamenta botanica'' (1736), ``Genera plantarum'' (1737), ``Flora lapponica'' (1737), ``Philosophia botanica'' (1751), and ``Species plantarum'' (1753). [Century Dict. 1906]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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