Lifeless Life"less, a. Destitute of life, or deprived of life; not containing, or inhabited by, living beings or vegetation; dead, or apparently dead; spiritless; powerless; dull; as, a lifeless carcass; lifeless matter; a lifeless desert; a lifeless wine; a lifeless story. -- {Life"less*ly}, adv. -- {Life"less*ness}, n.

Syn: Dead; soulless; inanimate; torpid; inert; inactive; dull; heavy; unanimated; spiritless; frigid; pointless; vapid; flat; tasteless.

Usage: {Lifeless}, {Dull}, {Inanimate}, {Dead}. In a moral sense, lifeless denotes a lack of vital energy; inanimate, a lack of expression as to any feeling that may be possessed; dull implies a torpor of soul which checks all mental activity; dead supposes a destitution of feeling. A person is said to be lifeless who has lost the spirits which he once had; he is said to be inanimate when he is naturally wanting in spirits; one is dull from an original deficiency of mental power; he who is dead to moral sentiment is wholly bereft of the highest attribute of his nature. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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