Gaudiosus of Naples

Gaudiosus of Naples

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death_date=~455 AD
feast_day= 27 October
venerated_in= Roman Catholic Church

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Saint Gaudiosus of Naples ("Gaudiosus the African") was a bishop of Abitina (Abitine, Abitinia) in Africa Province during the 5th century. Abitina was a village near Carthage in present-day western Tunisia.

Born "Septimius Celius Gaudiosus", he fled North Africa during the persecutions of Genseric in a leaky boat and arrived at Naples with other exiled churchmen, including the bishop of Carthage, who was named Quodvultdeus. Arriving around 439 AD, he established himself on the acropolis of Naples.

The introduction of the Augustinian Rule into Naples is attributed to him as well as the introduction of some relics, including those of Saint Restituta. [ [ - Around Naples ] ] [ [ San Gaudioso di Abitine ] ]

Gaudiosus' relics were later buried in the Catacombs of San Gennaro in the 6th century. [ [ - Around Naples ] ] [ [ San Gaudioso di Abitine ] ] One of the cemeteries of these catacombs, San Gaudioso, refers to Gaudiosus.


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