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The abbreviation LES can refer to:
* L.E.S. (producer)
* Lake-effect snow
* LAN Extension Service
* Large eddy simulation
* Launch Escape System
* Leave and Earnings Statement, a monthly statement given to members of the US Military documenting their pay and leave
* Licensing Executives Society International
* Life Extension Society, the first cryonics organization, founded in 1964 by Evan Cooper
* Lilliput Edison screw, 5mm diameter size of light bulb connection
* Louisiana Energy Services, which operates the National Enrichment Facility and is owned by the Urenco Group
* Lower East Side
* Lower esophageal sphincter
* Lifetime Entertainment Services, an American entertainment industry company
* Lincoln Experimental Satellite, a series of satellites launched in the 1960s and 1970s

Les may refer to:
* The first name Lester or Leslie or Lesley can be contracted to the more informal "Les". Well-known Leses include:
** Les Battersby, fictional Coronation Street character
** Les Claypool, American bassist and founding member of Primus
** Les Brown (bandleader) Sr. (1912-2001) and the Band of Renown are a big band
** Les Costello (1928-2002), Canadian ice hockey player and Catholic priest
** Les Dawson {1931-1993), English comedian
** Les Paul, American jazz guitarist and inventor of duo Les Paul and Mary Ford
** Les Stroud, Canadian filmmaker and survival expert
** Les Tremayne (1913-2003), British radio, film, and television actor

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