Issim Ullah

Issim Ullah

Al Hajj Mohammed Issim Ullah (born Mohammed Issim Ullah) was a landlord, businessman and soldier for The British Empire, East Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Issim Ullah was born into a wealthy landlord family of Mohammed Abdullah and Begum Naseerah Bibi Talukdar in February 1913 in Holiyarpara, Mirpur Union, Jaganathpur, Sunamganj Upazila in what is now Sylhet Division.

Issim Ullah had stated in his memoirs that he was a descendant of Ikhtiyar Uddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji from his mother’s side, but he had no idea who he was.

He was an important factor of Sunamganj politics and was involved in many reforms of the feudal system against the ruling British. Due to this, some of his lands where given to the British supporters and his title reduced to Talukdar.

Although Issim Ullah lost his title, he did support the Muslim League in 1946 and fought in the Second World War claiming the title of lieutenant in the Navy. He became one of the first Sylheti immigrants in Brick Lane and set up his own restaurants, and sent monetary support to the newly formed Awami League in the 1970s.

He died in 1997 after suffering for a decade of cancer in Northampton, United Kingdom. He is buried in the same graveyard as his elder brother Captain Dewan Masim Ullah Talukdar.

Issim Ullah married three times. His first wife died barren; his second wife had one girl and one boy and his third wife had two boys and one girl. His eldest son Isaac lives in Lewes, East Sussex and has two boys Iklass and Rizwan; and two girl Sara and Shabana. His second elder son Syedur lives in Northampton and has one offspring Shabnam.

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