Ukrainian wedding traditions

Ukrainian wedding traditions

Ukrainian wedding is the marriage custom in Ukrainian culture both in Ukraine and her diaspora. The traditional weddings included folk song, dance, music, and visual art, with rituals dating back to pre-Christian times. Over time, the ancient customs became less significant, and the Church took their place.


* Rushnyk - The rushnyk are embroidered towels. They are used as decorations during traditional weddings, and often have pairs of birds embroidered on them, used to represent the couple. [Dr. Natalie Kononenko. "Ukrainian Village Project" [ Rushnyky - Ritual Uses] ]

* vesillia
* svashky - Woman's choir
* divych vechir
* Korovai - the Korovai is the traditional symbolic wedding bread. Traditionally it was a large round braided bread, baked from wheat flour and decorated with symbolic flags and figurines, such as suns, moons, birds, animals, and pine cones. [Betsy Oppenneer. "Celebration Breads: Recipes, Tales, and Traditions ". Simon and Schuster, 2003. ISBN 0743224833] It was given to the bride and groom as a blessing. [ [ Korovai] at the [ Encyclopedia of Ukraine] ]
* Periwinkle Crowns
* Bread and Salt
* Hand Fasting
* Music
* Dance
* Wedding Songs
* Attire
** Folk Dress
** Formal


* Church
* Civil


* Historic
* Medieval Rus'
* Cossack
* Arranged
* Regions
** Hutsul
** Central Ukraine
** Ukrainians in Canada
** Ukrainians in Romania

* Soviet Influence

* Present Day


* VesilliaВЕСІЛЛЯ

Weddings in Literature

*"Natalka Poltavka" ( _uk. Наталка Полтавка, "Natalka from Poltava") is a Ukrainian play written by Ivan Kotlyarevsky.
*"Ukrainian Wedding" ( _uk. Українcькe Beciлля, translit. "Ukrayins’ke vesillya", _ru. , translit. "Ukrainskaya svad'ba") was first performed in 1851, with Semen Hulak-Artemovsky in the role of the father-in-law.


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