Jeton Aziri

Jeton Aziri

Jeton Aziri (born. September 16, 1981 in Zarbinca, Kosovo, Yugoslavia) is an Albanian-American activist and an Albanian Singer. Aziri graduated in 2002 with AS ("Pre-Med") degree from Gordon College, 2004 graduated with BSc ("Social Services – Neuro-Psychology") from Mercer University, 2005-2006 completed Specialization in Political Analysis ("Political Science") from American Military University, 2006 graduated with MBA ("Specialization: International Business") from Keller Graduate School of Management, and 2007 graduated with MPA ("Specialization: USA Government") from Keller Graduate School of Management. During his studies at Mercer University, Aziri led the International Student Group and organized/hosted more than dozen of international seminars held in U.S.A.

Aziri is co-founder of the first Albanian-Amerian Association of its kind in South-East America, called “"Albanian-American Association - Bashkimi"”. During 2004-2005, he was the Secretary/Chairman of “"Bashkimi"”. Early 2006, Aziri was offered the post of President for the “"Bashkimi"”, however, it was rejected due to his study obligations.

Aziri has been long devoted to ease the pain for those less unfortunate of Kosovo and America as well. His volunteer contribution begun as Coordinator of the organization called “"Save the Children"”, Macedonia 1998-1999. Later in 2002-2003, Atlanta, GA, he was Director for the Program called “"Children of Kosovo"”. In 2004, he contribute to the Oraganization called “"Hospis"”, later that year for the Church known as “"First Baptis Church"”.

During 2001-2008, Jeton Aziri has organized and hosted more than 65 concerts across the United States, 75% of the concerts being non-profit and promoting culture awareness, value sharing, etc.

Currently 2007 - , Aziri leads the “"Albanian-American Prosperous Group"”


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