List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series) characters

List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series) characters

This is a list of characters from the 1987 series "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".__TOC__

Main characters

These are the core characters of the series and appear in nearly every episode. However, after Season Eight, most of the main characters aside from the Turtles, April, and Splinter were removed from the show, although Shredder and Krang would return for a few episodes in Season Ten.

* The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The main heroes of the series, taught by their Japanese Master Splinter/Hamato Yoshi. In the UK, Ireland and Germany, they are known as the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.
** Leonardo (voiced by Cam Clarke): The blue-masked turtle, wields two katanas. He is the leader of team and is the closest to Splinter.
** Donatello, (voiced by Barry Gordon): The purple-masked turtle, wields a Bo staff (often used to disarm adversaries). He is the scientist of the team and is constantly tinkering with various inventions.
** Raphael (voiced by Rob Paulsen): The red-masked turtle, wields two sai daggers (which makes him a match for any swordsman). He is the joker of the team and often comes out with sarcastic remarks.
** Michaelangelo (voiced by Townsend Coleman): The orange-masked turtle, wields the whirling Nunchakus (and often whirling pizzas). He is the most relaxed member of the team and is the source for many of the catch phrases of the series such as "Cowabunga!"

* Splinter (voiced by Peter Renaday): A strict and wizened sensei, is the mutant rat who trained the Turtles in ninjitsu.

* April O'Neil (voiced by Renae Jacobs): A redheaded TV reporter, discovers the Turtles' home in the sewers and befriends the TMNT.She happens to have very ticklish feet she is tickled on her foot by Don Turtelli

* Shredder (voiced by James Avery): The arch-villain of the Turtles, is usually the main villain in other media, but in the this TV series Shredder always, against his will, has to take orders from Krang.

* Krang: A disembodied brain who was a warlord in Dimension X before he was exiled and had his body taken away. Krang usually resides inside a large robot body and controls it from a compartment in the abdomen area, or uses a "bubble walker". He also commands the Technodrome, an enormous mobile fortress used as his and Shredder's headquarters. He also funds and helps plan most of Shredder's schemes. The character Krang was inspired by the original comics' "Utroms", who were also small, squishy aliens, but by contrast, did good deeds on Earth. Voiced by Pat Fraley. In some episodes in season 3 he was voiced by Townsend Coleman.

* Bebop and Rocksteady: Formerly New York City street gang members, they were mutated by the Shredder to act as his personal henchmen. A warthog and a rhinoceros, respectively, they are clumsy, oafish, and almost always totally unsuited for the task of fighting the Turtles. Bebop was voiced by Barry Gordon, and Rocksteady was by Cam Clarke.

* Foot Soldiers: The ninjas led by the Shredder. In the 1987 animated series, most Foot Soldiers are robots.

* Rock Soldiers: Krang's soldiers in Dimension X. Sometimes work alongside the Foot Soldiers. They are mainly led by General Traag.

* Irma Langinstein: A Channel 6 TV associate and April's bespectacled best friend, who also works as the front door secretary. Irma is preoccupied with men, but is also a friend to the TMNT from late season 2. Voiced by Jennifer Darling.

* Vernon Fenwick: An egotistical, self-righteous coward who is also a reporter at Channel 6 and is April's chief rival. He dislikes the Turtles and generally reports negative stories blaming them for various things in the city. At various points in the series, he is portrayed as an analogous to Geraldo Rivera. Voiced by Peter Reneday.

* Burne Thompson: Channel 6 NEWS producer and April, Vernon, and Irma's boss. He dislikes the Turtles and blames them for everything that goes wrong and encourages his reporters to broadcast negative stories about them, similar to J. Jonah Jameson from Spider-Man. Burne was voiced by Pat Fraley.

* Carter: Introduced in season nine, he comes to New York to study martial arts under Splinter. He is accidentally exposed to the Turtles' Mutagen, which causes him to spontaneously mutate between his human and mutant forms, and Carter was able to help the turtles throughout Seasons Nine and Ten against Dregg. During Season Ten, although Carter wanted to return to College and was prepared to leave after Donatello is able to stabilize his mutation, he learns from April that the Turtles were in trouble from Dregg, Krang, and Shredder. While assisting the Turtles and their past selves that were transported from the past by their friends from the future Landor and Merrick, Carter found that he could still mutate. After the battle in the episode "Turtles to the Second Power", Carter accepts Landor and Merrick's offer to travel with them to the future so he can be fully cured of his mutation. Carter is voiced by Bumper Robinson.

* Lord Dregg: In the eighth season's last episode, "Turtle Trek", Krang, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady are trapped in Dimension X and the Technodrome is rendered inoperable. In the ninth season, the alien Lord Dregg is introduced as the Turtles' new main adversary. The character was disliked by fans for many reasons, one being the fact that his personality and name were very similar to that of Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Lord Dregg was voiced by the late Tony Jay.

* HiTech: He used to be Lord Dregg's right-hand man until season ten where he was betrayed by Dregg himself. In season nine HiTech was voiced by Rob Paulsen. And in season ten he was voiced by Cam Clarke.

* Mung: He becomes Lord Dregg's right-hand man in "The Return Of Dregg" until the end of the series run, replacing his former right hand man, HiTech. Mung was voiced by Cam Clarke.

* TechnoGangsters: Lord Dregg's foot soldiers.

Recurring characters

This is a far from complete list of recurring characters, or characters that played a substantial role in the plots of more than one episode. The characters are arranged by frequency of appearance.

* Casey Jones: A vigilante, and also a friend of the Turtles. Casey wears an ice hockey goaltender's mask (which is never removed in the series) and carries a wide assortment of unorthodox weapons including golf clubs, baseball bats, and cricket bats. The Casey Jones character also appears in most other incarnations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one of the few characters that does. Compared to his other incarnations, this version parodies a Dirty Harry like persona and is quite the psychopath. His trademark tagline..."All I wanna know is when do I get to break something?!". Voiced by Pat Fraley.

* Dr. Baxter Stockman: A Caucasian (as opposed to African-American in the Mirage comics) mad scientist who aided Shredder in the first and second seasons before he was changed into an anthropomorphic fly in a disintegrator malfunction. He always blamed and resented Shredder for the accident, and most of his subsequent appearances involved his ambitions for revenge, or transformation back to his human self. He spent large portions of the series trapped in a rift between Dimension X, Earth with only his computer, "Z", as a companion. Baxter Stockman is also a character that appears in most other incarnations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but this is the only one where he is turned into a fly. He was voiced by Pat Fraley.

* The Rat King: A human inhabitant of the sewers with the ability to communicate with rats. He also hypnotized Splinter to attack the Turtles. Extremely unusual for this series (which is typically morally absolute), his role of either good guy or bad guy is sometimes blurry. While he is sometimes involved in some plot to destroy the Turtles, he also occasionally aids them. However, no matter what the circumstances, his motives always seem questionable and surreptitious. Was once one of Shredder's Rogues. The Rat King was voiced by Townsend Coleman.

* Leatherhead: A mutated anthropomorphic crocodile with a Cajun accent. In some plots, he is the main adversary of the Punk Frogs. In season 4, he joined forces with The Rat King. Leatherhead is known for his many catchphrases at the end of his sentences, which include; “by gumbo”, “I garontee” and “you betcha”. Was once one of Shredder's Rogues. Leatherhead was voiced by Jim Cummings.

* Usagi Yojimbo: A samurai rabbit and a master swordsman from an alternative universe's 16th century Edo Period Japan where animals are the dominant species, not humans. He appeared in two episodes. "Usagi Yojimbo" is a comic book series created by Stan Sakai starring the ronin hero rabbit, Miyamoto Usagi, which had several crossovers with the TMNT comics; apparently the TV show writers did not understand the distinction and misnamed the character after the comic book. He was voiced by Townsend Coleman.

* General Traag: General of Krang's army of Rock Soldiers from Dimension X. Many plots involve Krang almost bringing them to Earth, but failing miserably in the end. He was voiced by Peter Renaday.

* Slash, the Evil Turtle from Dimension X: Bebop's pet turtle, whom Bebop and Rocksteady mutate into an anthropomorphic with the intention of having him be their subordinate and do their work for them. The bad guys send him after the Turtles, but it turns out that Slash is even dumber than Bebop and Rocksteady. He returns in a later episode with a vastly enhanced intellect, but it doesn't last. Was once one of Shredder's Rogues. Slash was first voiced by Pat Fraley.

* The Punk Frogs: The Turtles' frog counterparts. Four anthropomorphized frogs from Florida created by Shredder and trained in martial arts. They were intended for evil, but convinced to turn to good by the Turtles when the Turtles saved them from the authorities. The Punk Frogs lived out the rest of the series in the swamps of Florida, but sometimes they returned to town and visited the Turtles. The frogs hate pizza and like to only eat flies. Shredder named them after historic villains compared to Splinter's choice of naming his pupils after painters.
** Attila the Frog: Named after Attila the Hun, he is armed with a flail. He wears an orange shirt with a yellow stripe. He was voiced by Cam Clarke.
** Genghis Frog: Named after Genghis Khan, he is armed with an axe. He wears a light blue shirt with yellow dots/thunderbolts. He was voiced by Jim Cummings.
** Napoleon Bonafrog: Named after Napoleon Bonaparte, he is armed with a whip. He wears a yellow shirt with an orange stripe. He was voiced by Pat Fraley.
** Rasputin the Mad Frog: Named after Rasputin the Mad Monk, he is armed with a bow and arrow. He wears an orange shirt with purple dots. He was voiced by Cam Clarke.

* Neutrinos: 1950s-college-kid type people in flying cars called Starmobiles (complete with tailfins), from Dimension X. Their names are Dask, Kala, and Zak. Friendly to the Turtles, they even once left the Turtles one of their Starmobiles, but unfortunately neglected to mention it ran on plutonium. Kala, the lone female of the trio, is often shown to be affectionate to Michelangelo (who likewise has a crush on her), but it never clearly develops into full romantic relationship. In the episode "Four Turtles and a Baby" it is revealed that the TMNT have also met the Neutrinos' leader Zenter and his wife Grizzla who send their baby daughter Tribble to stay with the turtles when the Neutrino capitol is under attack by General Traag. Donatello explains how baby Neutrinos have psychokinetic powers similar to Kala's pet Grybyx.
** Zak: Zak was voiced by Pat Fraley.
** Kala: Kala was Michaelangelo's love interest. She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.
** Dask: Dask was voiced by Thom Pinto.
** Zenter: Zenter was voiced by Rob Paulsen.
** Grizzla: Grizzla was voiced by Jennifer Darling.
** Tribble: Tribble was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

* Zach: An adolescent boy who loves the Turtles and wants to be one. The Turtles refer to him affectionately as "The Fifth Turtle". He is occasionally accompanied by his brother Walt. His only weakness is his feet are very ticklish. Zach was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

* Walt: Zach's big brother. He became the "Sixth Turtle". Walt was voiced by Nicholas Omana.

* Lotus Blossom: A female ninja hired by Krang to destroy the Turtles. She developed a respect for Leonardo and tried to get him to become her partner. Lotus was voiced by Renae Jacobs.

* Metalhead: Built by Krang in a plot to destroy the Turtles, Metalhead was a robot Ninja Turtle whose programming consisted of all the Turtles' personalities. Prone to malfunction, he was re-programmed by the Turtles and spent most of the series in Donatello's closet, but made an occasional appearance. Metalhead was voiced by Dorian Harewood (Shredder's alternate voice), Townsend Coleman (Michelangelo's voice), Rob Paulsen (Raphael's voice), Barry Gordon (Donatello's voice), Cam Clarke (Leonardo's voice), Pat Fraley (Krang's voice), and Renae Jacobs (April's voice).

* H.A.V.O.C. ("Highly Advanced Variety Of Creatures"): The Turtles meet H.A.V.O.C. in the process of thrwarting a robbery, meeting mutants and H.A.V.O.C. members Raptor, Amok, and Overdrive, and then later, the H.A.V.O.C. leader, Titanus. The Turtles find out that while H.A.V.O.C. has offered the Turtles a safe haven from those who think they are the villains, H.A.V.O.C. is actually creating mutants instead of protecting them, and actually tries to turn the entire city into mutants. The Turtles spend a few episodes of season 8 battling H.A.V.O.C.
** Titanus: Leader of H.A.V.O.C.
** Raptor
** Amok
** Overdrive
** Highbeam
** Magma
** Seizure

* Pinky McFingers: Local crime boss. First appeared in season 4. Voiced by Peter Renaday.

* Fripp the Polarisoid: An alien from the planet Polaris. He was voiced by the late Tony Pope.

* Big Louie: A crime boss who leads a mafia. Sometimes, he works with the Shredder.

* Brick Bradley/Bugman: Michaelangelo's comic book hero come to life, Bugman is half man-half-insect. Bugman is a parody of Spider-Man and other comic book superheros. He was transformed into a superhero by a laboratory experiment gone awry, has a secret identity, and he has a vulnerability to the metal Leestanite. He was voiced by Dan Gilvezan.

* Don Turtelli: A local crime boss, and a spoof on the "The Godfather". Being the grandson of Tony "The Tickler" Turtelli, he has a memorable form of interrogation; he uses feathers to tickle the feet of his hostages (including April, Vernon, Zach and Caitlyn); to extract information, interrogate, etc. Two known members of his gang are Rodney and Bruce. Voiced by Peter Renaday.

* Hokum Hare: The hare from "The Tortoise and the Hare" fable. The Turtles meet him in a parallel "fairy tale" dimension. He also helped the Turtles to stop Shredder from traveling to the future and becoming a crime lord in a crime-free era. Hokum was voiced by Townsend Coleman.

* Rex-1: An experimental robot built by the New York City authorities to replace human policemen. The Shredder used computer hacking to steal the plans for Rex-1 and build an army of robots. He was voiced by Jack Angel.

* Donald J. Lofty: A Donald Trump-esque character who owns Lofty Tower.

* Tempestra: This female villain is from a video game. Once one of Shredder's Rogues, and it is hinted she lives in Dimension X. Voiced by Tress MacNeille.

* Scumbug: A mutated cockroach, once one of Shredder's Rogues. Voiced by Pat Fraley.

* Anthrax: Krang's royal executioner, also was once one of Shredder's Rogues.

* Chrome Dome: A huge robot built by the Shredder to supervise the Foot Soldiers. He has many built-in weapons such as blasters, cannons, missiles, etc. He was destroyed by the Turtles by disabling a main chip on his back. He returned in another episode with several other villains as one of Shredder's Rogues. Voiced by Peter Renaday.

Minor characters

The series had myriad minor characters, or characters that were not part of the main cast or involved in the majority of plots. These characters generally went along with the show's theme of anthropomorphic animal fighters often mutated in a way similar to the Turtles. As was the trend with cartoons during the end of the TV era of animation, a considerable number of characters who appeared briefly, once or twice in the series were made into action figures.

* Algernon: A lizard from another planet. Algernon's home planet orbits a star in the Turtle Nebula, a nebula in the shape of a turtle. Algernon's spaceship crashed on the Earth, and Algernon helped Donatello defeat the businessman Hiram Grelch, who tried to take over TV stations in New York City.

* Agatha “Aggie” Marples: April's famous gumshoe aunt. Voiced by Joan Gerber. In season 3, she helped track down a horde of thugs who were stealing kimonos (one of which is Splinter's). She showed up again in 1992 teaming up to help solve yet another mystery!

* Barney Stockman: Baxter's redheaded twin brother. He built a machine that enhances the humor of jokes and renders everyone who hears them helpless with hysterical laughter. He hates to be mistaken for his more famous brother, and claims to be the most good-looking one. Barney Stockman is voiced by Pat Fraley.

* Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang: A karate gang taken over by the Shredder, who ordered them to change their name to the "Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang", dress up like turtles and commit robberies so the people of the city would come out against the TMNT. When broadcast in countries where the show's name was amended to "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles", their name was shortened to the Crooked Turtle Gang to avoid confusion. Smash, the leader, was voiced by Peter Cullen.

* Fenton Q. Hackenbush: Fat man who worked for Donald J. Lofty. He tried to rip off the city by getting rid of the sewer system and in turn get rid of the TMNT. When the Turtles told Lofty of this scheme, Lofty fired Hackenbush.

* Mondo Gecko: A gecko lizard who was actually in the sewers the same time the Turtles mutated, and also mutated himself, but was picked up and carried away by a crime boss before Hamato Yoshi arrived home. Gecko was raised by criminals and trained to commit robberies and other crimes. Michaelangelo met Mondo during one episode and talked him over to the side of the Turtles. Mondo then came to live with the Turtles in the sewer "right next door". He showed up again in 1993 to help Donatello and Raphael thwart AJ Howard whose hired accomplice Dirk Savage was kidnapping mutants all over the city!

* Beserko a.k.a Drakus: In the season 8 episode "Get Shredder!" it is revealed that he helped Krang to design and build the Technodrome. But he was betrayed by Krang so, Drakus came to earth and took on a new name "Berserko" he wanted revenge on Krang who destroyed his world and nearly killed him. He built a tank called the "Annilhilator" and began a rampage on the city. Fortunatlely the turtles managed to stop him and turned him in to the authorities. Beserko/Drakus was voiced by Jim Cummings.

* Dippy: a young Diplodocus, whom the TMNT befriend in the Lost World. Voiced by Pat Fraley.

* Eric Red: A man who led a gang of "modern Vikings" in Norway who tried to melt the polar ice and flood coastal cities. This happened in the episode Northern Lights Out.

* Groundchuck and Dirtbag: When Shredder wanted two new mutant grunts, a lion and a gorilla, Bebop and Rocksteady accidentally cause a bull (Groundchuck) and a mole (Dirtbag) to mutate. However, they refused to serve Shredder and left. They clashed with the Turtles before being taken to Kerma's home planet where they briefly assisted Herman the Horrible. Groundchuck was voiced by Cam Clarke.

* The Great Bouldini: Don Turtelli's cousin, and a magician. Voiced by Peter Renaday.

* Emperor Aleister: Emperor of the fictional state Malicuria.

* Gadgetman: A retired hero, tries to return to crime fighting in the episode Super Hero for a Day.

* Hiram Grelch: A businessman who tried to take over all the TV stations in New York City, but was defeated by Donatello and Algernon at the Channel 6 building.

* J. Gordon Hungerdunger: A millionaire from Texas who tried to put chemicals into New York City's water system and brainwash the population so he could easily take over the city. hungerdunger was voiced by Peter Renaday.

* Caitlyn: Female friend of Zach, who appears in the episode "The Great Boldini". She and Zach help the Turtles prevent Rat King and Don Turtelli from carrying out their plans. She and Zach are at one point captured by Don Turtelli and subjected to his torture: It seems that she was putting on shoes without socks.Her shoes were taken off her feet, her bare ticklish soles where tickled with feathers. Voiced by Maggie Roswell.

*Clayton Kellerman: A egomaniacal and opinionated talk show host that tries to vilify the Turtles in his show called "On Trial". The character and show is a parody of the late talk show host Morton Downey, Jr.

* General Yogure: An astronaut who an old friend of April. He helps the turtles go to the Technodrome to stop Shredder and his mom's plan of heating up the whole world. He also distracts Shredder's mom when she put the turtles in a forcefield.

* Kazuo Saki: Shredder's younger brother. Kazuo Saki works as a policeman in Tokyo, Japan. Voiced by Peter Renaday.

* Klaatu, Barada & Nikto an alien family from the planer Centauri who accidentally beamed Rocksteady and Donatello onto their spaceship while searching for a toy of Nikto's that could destroy the Earth.

* Kojima Brothers: Ancient warriors from Edo period Japan. Shredder stole their diary in Tokyo, Japan and created solid holograms of them to destroy the Turtles. Donatello smashed the hologram projector with his bo staff, destroying the holograms. Voiced by Peter Renaday.

* M.A.C.C. ("Mobile-Armored Computerized Combatant"): A robot from 400 years in the future who travelled back in time by accident. Krang tried to re-program M.A.C.C. to destroy the Turtles, but failed, and M.A.C.C. was sent home to the future. M.A.C.C. was voiced by Peter Renaday.

* Princess Mallory: Princess from the fictional state Malicuria, daughter of Emperor Aleister. The Shredder tried to kidnap her from at party at the Malicurian Embassy in New York and give her back in exchange for "Lydium 90", a metal Krang wanted to repower the Technodrome. She looks exactly like April, who is kidnapped instead of her. Voiced by Renae Jacobs.

* MacDonald Crump: Pizza-parlor chain owner who also has his own yacht. A parody of Donald Trump.

* Maxwell: Michelangelo's pet goldfish in one episode. Maxwell wasn't too cooperative for Mikey.

* Miyoko: The Shredder's mother. Helped Shredder and Krang to send out some kind of mirror orbiting in Dimension X and burn the Earth in heat. Voiced by Jennifer Darling.

* Mona Lisa: A mysterious female mutant who was once human. Working with Raphael, the two of them thwarted the plans of Captain Filch, a pirate, to hold the passengers of a yacht for ransom. When she first appeared, it seemed like she would become a regular character, possibly Raph's girlfriend, but this did not happen. Voiced by Renae Jacobs.

* Lieutenant Montoya: Columbo-parodied detective.

* Muckman and Joe Eyeball: Two garbagemen mutated with garbage. Their radiation weakened the Turtles. April convinces them that Bebop and Rocksteady were responsible for their condition, so they help the Turtles to find a cure and turn against the Shredder.

* Mutagen Man: A geeky deliveryman, Seymour Gutz, who fell into a vat of mutagen. He has a brain/skull head and a containment suit. He has the ability to shapeshift into anyone. Shredder promises him a cure in exchange for components to make more mutagen. After the Shredder's betrayal, the Turtles infuse him with a dose of mutagen that (permanently?) changed his appearance; which was into that of a charming lady's man. It's interesting to note that while impersonating anyone, his voice also mimicked that person whereas his final form had his original voice. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.

* Octavious Ogilvy: President of the company Octopus Inc. Worked with the Shredder until he realized that the Shredder was a bad guy who tried to brainwash businessmen. Because Octavious Ogilvy had a hearing disability, he couldn't be brainwashed because his hearing aid didn't work. Instead, Shredder locked him in a room.

* Panda Khan: Mutated samurai panda who aided TMNT on certain occasions. Relatively infrequent character. Panda Khan comes from the self-published comic, "The Chronicles of Panda Khan," by artist/co-creator Dave Garcia and his wife, writer/co-creator Monica Sharp, first published by Wendy and Richard Pini (ELFQUEST).

* Pete: Michelangelo's pet pigeon.

* Dr. Jane Goodfellow: Doctor at the zoo. Voiced by Phylicia Rashad.

* Howie Hardy: Musician friend of Irma's.

* Rondo: Action movie-hero. Parody of Rambo.

* Buffy Shellhammer: Rich 15-year-old. Voiced by Jennifer Darling.

* Professor Lloyd Cycloyd: A villain in the episode "Donatello Makes Time". He escaped from and institution and sees Donatello testing out his invention the Time Stopper and steals it. He goes around the city using the Time Stopper to steal statue of the head of Two Two Carmen from a museum then steals a laser gun from a scientist. He later gets caught by the turtles and gets handed over to the police.

* Shibano-Sama: Founder of the Foot Clan in Feudal Japan. When his burial urn was in the Asian-American Cultural Center, Shredder tried to open it so Shibano-Sama could teach Bebop and Rocksteady ninja skills. However, he shunned Shredder and stripped his henchmen of their powers after Spinter demonstrated the final secret techniques of the Foot, which Shredder didn't know. Oddly enough, the final Foot Techniques parodied Three Stooges slapstick (in particular, the "Kur-Li maneuver"). Voiced by James Avery.

* Spats Sparkle: One of two Dutch thieves who tried to steal the Duchess Diamond in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and sell it. This happened in the episode "April Gets in Dutch", and Shredder also tried to steal the diamond, so Krang could use it to open a portal to Dimension X and send the Technodrome to Earth.

* Speega: A "Tyrannosaurus" leader who, along with a "Triceratops" and Pachycephalosaurus, are descendants of a group of dinosaurs that escaped extinction millions of years ago by escaping to the center of the earth. They have been on a mission to save endangered species ever since.

* Talbot Breech: A captain who shrunk all naval boats from his laboratory just to get even with people who turned him down in the Naval Academy. His was in the episode "Funny, They Shrunk Michelangelo". His cat Claude captured Michelangelo when he was surfing and tried to kill Michelangelo for ruining his plans. He also captured April and Vernon when they were on a boat doing a report. The turtles come to his lab and fight his robots to save Michelangelo, April, and Vernon.

* Claude: Breech's cat, who shrunk Michelangelo and tries to eat him.

* The Triceraton Empire: The Triceratons are Triceratops-like creatures from another planet. They had planned to take over the Earth up until Donatello managed to trick them into thinking he was ruler of Earth, thanks to the help of his Dark Turtle costume!

* The Grybyx: A pet of the Neutrinos.

* Tiffany: Burne's girlfriend who dislikes turtles. Voiced by Jennifer Darling.

* Toka and Razar: Two out of control mutants who appear in season seven. Toka was voiced by Jim Cummings, while Razar was voiced by Townsend Coleman.

* Turtle Terminator: An android who posed as Irma to try and blast the TMNT to smithereens. If anyone said "Turtle", it would attack. Voiced by Jennifer Darling (in Irma's voice).

* Wingnut and Screwloose: In the Archie comic book series their home planet was destroyed by Krang, but in the cartoon they are two aliens who brainwash Earth's children in attempt to take over the world! Wingnut is voiced by Rob Paulsen and Screwloose is voiced by Townsend Coleman.

* Winston Fripp/Chronos: A villain in the season nine episode "Split Second". Found by the Turtles to be committing crimes within the city under the name Chronos and challenges them to stop two other crime plans of his. Once they do so, he is revealed to be Winston Flipp, someone who the Turtles apprehended and tied up for the police in a clocktower, in which the ticking drives him insane. When the Turtles capture him once more, Lord Dregg takes advantage of it by pretending to be the man behind Chronos' capture to continue his properganda campaign against the Turtles.

* Dirk Savage

* Alim Coelacanth: Ruler of Atlantis.

* Hepax Lagamina: Alim's new advisor.

* Captain Filch: Villain who kidnapped Mona Lisa prior to her mutation.

* Badd Family: Hillbilly family.

* Shreeka: Krang's former partner-in-crime.

* Hamato Koji: Hamato Yoshi/Splinter's ancestor.

* King Arthur and Queen Guinevere: Rulers of Camelot.

* Merlin: Wizard of Camelot. Voiced by Jim Cummings.

* Kerma: Turtleoid from Shell-Ri-La. Voiced by Jan Rabson.

* Bork and Dwark/Herman the Horrible: Turtleoids who tried to rob Shell-Ri-La's gold.

* Mad Dog McMutt: Local crime-boss who takes on the personality of a basset hound. His hideout is a conspicuous building shaped like a fire hydrant and his henchmen are named Fritz and Waldo.

* Mr. X: Mondo Gecko's former master.

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