List of Kiev University people

List of Kiev University people

This is a list of notable students and faculty members associated with the Kiev University. Faculty members, scholars and scientists of Kiev University have made a worthy contribution to the development of science and social-political thinking in Ukraine.

Historians and philologists

*M. Maxymovych
*M. Kostomarov
*V. Antonovych
*I. Luchytskiy
*M. Drahomanov
*V. Perets
*O. Beletskiy
*A. Krymskiy
*Ye. Tarle


*K. Nevolin
*M. Ivanishev
*M. Vladimirskiy-Budanov
*O. Kystyakovskiy
*O.A. Shalimov
*O.A. Dzubenko


*M. Ziber
*O.A. Shalimov
*O.A. Dzubenko


*V. Yermakov
*D. Grave
*M. Bogolyubov
*I. Gikhman
*M. Yadrenko
*A. Skorokhod
*Y. Petunin
*L. Kaluznin

pecialists in mechanics

*I. Rakhmaninov
*H. Suslov
*P. Voronets


*M. Avenarius
*M. Shiller
*Y. Kossohonov
*E. Lashkariov


*A. Babko
*A. Holub
*A. Kipriakov
*S. Reformatskiy
*V. Skopenko


*K. Feofilaktov
*V. Chirvinskiy
*M. Andrusov
*P. Tutkovskiy


*I. Shmalhausen
*S. Navashyn
*K. Purievych
*O. Fomin
*M. Kholodniy


*K. Kesler
*O. Kovalevskiy
*O. Severtsov
*O. Korotnev


*O. Palladin


*V. Bets
*Fedor Bogatyrchuk
*M. Sklifosofskiy
*F. Yanovskiy
*V. Obraztsov
*M. Strazhesko


*Mykhailo Starytskiy
*Maksym Rylsky
*Viktor Petrov
*Oksana Zabuzhko


* Mykola Lysenko

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