Chaetoceros furcellatus
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Chromalveolata
Phylum: Heterokontophyta
Class: Bacillariophyceae
Order: Centrales
Suborder: Biddulphiineae
Family: Chaetocerotaceae
Genus: Chaetoceros
(Ehrenberg, 1844)

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Chaetoceros is probably the largest genus of marine planktonic diatoms with approximately 400 species described. Although a large number of these descriptions are no longer valid. It is often very difficult to distinguish between different Chaetoceros species.[1] Several attempts have been made to restructure this large genus into subgenera and this work is still in progress[2][3] However, most of the effort to describe species have been focused in boreal areas, and the genus is cosmopolitan, so there are probably a large number of tropical species still undescribed.[4]



The genus Chaetoceros were first described by Ehrenberg in 1844.
Cells are more or less rectangular in girdle view.
Cells are usually elliptical in valve view.
Opposite setae of adjacent cells touch near their origin.

Some currently accepted Chaetoceros species

  • Chaetoceros abnormis A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  • Chaetoceros aculeatus I.V. Makarova
  • Chaetoceros adelianus E.E. Manguin
  • Chaetoceros aduncus I.N. Sukhanova
  • Chaetoceros aequatorialis Cleve
  • Chaetoceros affinis Lauder
  • Chaetoceros amanita A. Cleve-Euler
  • Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow
  • Chaetoceros angularis Schütt
  • Chaetoceros angulatus F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros armatus T. West
  • Chaetoceros astrabadicus A. Henckel
  • Hustedt
  • Chaetoceros atlanticus Cleve
  • Chaetoceros audax F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros bacteriastrius G.C. Wallich
  • Chaetoceros bacteriastroides G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros bermejense D. U. Hernández-Becerril
  • Chaetoceros bisetaceus J. Schumann
  • Chaetoceros borealis J.W. Bailey
  • Chaetoceros borealoides H.L. Honigmann
  • Chaetoceros breve F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros brevis Schütt
  • Chaetoceros brussilowi A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros buceros G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros buceros Karsten
  • Chaetoceros bulbosus (Ehrenberg) Heiden
  • Chaetoceros bungei Honigmann
  • Chaetoceros californicus A. Grunow
  • Chaetoceros capense G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros caspicus C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros castracanei Karsten
  • Chaetoceros castracanei G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros ceratosporus Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros chunii G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros cinctus Gran
  • Chaetoceros clavigera C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros clavigerus A. Grunow
  • Chaetoceros clevei F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros coarctatus Lauder
  • Chaetoceros cochleus F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros compactus F. Schütt
  • Hustedt
  • Chaetoceros concavicorne Mangin
  • Chaetoceros confervoides J. Ralfs
  • Chaetoceros confusus S.L. VanLandingham
  • Chaetoceros constrictus Gran
  • Chaetoceros convolutus Castracane
  • Chaetoceros cornutus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  • Chaetoceros coronatus Gran
  • Chaetoceros costatus Pavillard
  • Chaetoceros crenatus (C.G. Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  • Chaetoceros crinitus Schütt
  • Chaetoceros criophilus Castracane
  • Chaetoceros cruciatus G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros curvatus Castracane
  • Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve
  • Chaetoceros dadayi Pavillard
  • Chaetoceros danicus Cleve
  • Chaetoceros debilis Cleve
  • Chaetoceros decipiens Cleve
  • Chaetoceros delicatulus C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros densus Cleve
  • Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) Gran
  • Chaetoceros dichaetus Ehrenberg
  • Chaetoceros didymus C.G. Ehrenberg
  • Chaetoceros difficilis Cleve
  • Chaetoceros distichus F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros distinguendus E.J. Lemmermann
  • Chaetoceros diversicurvatus Van Goor
  • Chaetoceros diversus Cleve
  • Chaetoceros eibenii (Grunow) Meunier
  • Chaetoceros elmorei Boyer
  • Chaetoceros elongatus Honigmann
  • Chaetoceros exospermus Meunier
  • Chaetoceros externus Gran
  • Chaetoceros fallax Prosckina-Lavrenko
  • Chaetoceros femur F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros filiferus G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros filiforme Meunier
  • Chaetoceros flexuosus Mangin
  • Chaetoceros fragilis Meunier
  • Chaetoceros furcellatus J.W. Bailey
  • Chaetoceros fusus F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros galvestonense Collier & Murphy
  • Chaetoceros gastridius (C.G. Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  • Chaetoceros gaussii Heiden & Kolbe
  • Chaetoceros glacialis A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros glandazii Mangin
  • Chaetoceros gobii A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros gracilis Pantocsek
  • Chaetoceros grunowii F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros hendeyi Manguin
  • Chaetoceros hohnii Graebn. & Wujek
  • Chaetoceros holsaticus Schütt
  • Chaetoceros ikari B.V. Skvortzov
  • Chaetoceros imbricatus Mangin
  • Chaetoceros incurvus Bailey
  • Chaetoceros indicus Karsten
  • Chaetoceros ingolfianus Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros intermedius A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros karianus Grunow
  • Chaetoceros karyanus A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros knipowitschii A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros laciniosus Schüt
  • Chaetoceros lauderi Ralfs
  • Chaetoceros leve F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros littorale litorale E.J. Lemmermann
  • Chaetoceros lorenzianus Grunow
  • Chaetoceros malygini A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros medius F. Schütt C
  • Chaetoceros meridiana (F. Schütt) G. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros mertensii H.L. Honigmann
  • Chaetoceros messanense Castracane C
  • Chaetoceros minimus (Levander) D. Marino, G. Giuffre, M. Montresor & A. Zingone
  • Chaetoceros misumensis H.H. Gran & K. Yendo
  • Chaetoceros mitra (J.W. Bailey) Cleve
  • Chaetoceros muelleri E.J. Lemmermann
  • Chaetoceros nansenii A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros natatus E.E. Manguin
  • Chaetoceros neglectus Karsten
  • Chaetoceros neobulbosus T.V. Desikachary, S. Gowthaman & Y. Latha
  • Chaetoceros neocompactus S.L. VanLandingham
  • Chaetoceros neogracile S.L. VanLandingham
  • Chaetoceros neupokojewii A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros nipponicus J. Ikari
  • Chaetoceros odontella (C.G. Ehrenberg) G.L. Rabenhorst
  • Chaetoceros okamurae J. Ikari
  • Chaetoceros ostenfeldii P.T. Cleve
  • Chaetoceros pachtussowii A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros pachyceros R. Margalef
  • Chaetoceros pacificus J. Ikari
  • Chaetoceros paradoxus Cleve
  • Chaetoceros parvus F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros pavillardii J. Ikari
  • Chaetoceros pelagicus
  • Chaetoceros pendulus Karsten
  • Chaetoceros perpusillus Cleve
  • Chaetoceros peruvianus Brightwell
  • Chaetoceros phuketensis J.E.B. Rines, P. Boonruang & E.C. Theriot
  • Chaetoceros pingue A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros pinguichaetus A. Henckel & P. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros pliocenus J.-J. Brun
  • Chaetoceros protuberans H.S. Lauder
  • Chaetoceros pseudoaurivillii J. Ikari
  • Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros pseudocurvisetus Mangin
  • Chaetoceros pseudodichaeta J. Ikari
  • Chaetoceros pundulus G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros radians F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros radicans F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros recurvatus f. robustus Henckel
  • Chaetoceros recurvatus Henckel
  • Chaetoceros robustus (P.T. Cleve) C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros rostratus Lauder
  • Chaetoceros russanowi A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros salsugineus Takano
  • Chaetoceros saltans P.T. Cleve
  • Chaetoceros schmidtii C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros secundus P.T. Cleve
  • Chaetoceros seiracanthus Gran
  • Chaetoceros sessile Grøntved
  • Chaetoceros setoense J. Ikari
  • Chaetoceros seychellarus G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros siamense C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  • Chaetoceros similis Cleve
  • Chaetoceros simplex C.E.H. Ostenfeld C
  • Chaetoceros skeleton F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros socialis Lauder
  • Chaetoceros sedowii A. Henckel
  • Chaetoceros strictus G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros subcompressus J.L.B. Schröder
  • Chaetoceros subsalsus Lemmermann
  • Chaetoceros subsecundus (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Hustedt
  • Chaetoceros subtilis Cleve
  • Chaetoceros sumatranus Karsten
  • Chaetoceros tenuissimus A.F. Meunier
  • Chaetoceros teres Cleve
  • Chaetoceros tetrachaeta Ehrenberg
  • Chaetoceros tetras G.H.H. Karsten
  • Chaetoceros tetrastichon Cleve
  • Chaetoceros thienemannii Hustedt
  • Chaetoceros throndsenii (Marino, Montresor, & Zingone) Marino, Montresor & Zingone
  • Chaetoceros tortissimus H.H. Gran
  • Chaetoceros transisetus J.R. Johansen & J.S. Boyer
  • Chaetoceros vanheurckii H.H. Gran
  • Chaetoceros vermiculus F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros villosus Kützing
  • Chaetoceros vistulae C. Apstein
  • Chaetoceros volans F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros weissflogii F. Schütt
  • Chaetoceros wighamii Brightwell
  • Chaetoceros willei Grunow
  • Chaetoceros zachariasii Honigmann
  • Chaetoceros ziwolkii A. Henckel


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