Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), as part of the United States Department of Transportation, compiles, analyzes, and makes accessible information on the nation's transportation systems; collects information on intermodal transportation and other areas as needed; and improves the quality and effectiveness of DOT's statistical programs through research, development of guidelines, and promotion of improvements in data acquisition and use. BTS is part of RITA.



[http://www.transtats.bts.gov TranStats] is BTS's "Intermodal Transportation Database" that includes databases and statistics for aviation, highway, maritime, rail, pipeline, pedestrians, and more. Data include financial, safety, usage, and environmental information.

One popular database included in the TranStats collection is the [http://www.transtats.bts.gov/Tables.asp?DB_ID=120&DB_Name=Airline%20On-Time%20Performance%20Data&DB_Short_Name=On-Time airline on-time performance database] , which includes on-time performance of every flight, airline, and airport in the United States.

External links

* [http://www.bts.gov Official site]
* [http://www.dotgovwatch.com/?/archives/10-How-to-Avoid-Flight-Delays-with-Statistics-from-TranStats.html How to avoid flight delays with TranStats data]
* [http://ntl.bts.gov/ National Transportation Library]

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