List of Boston University people

List of Boston University people

This is a list of notable faculty members and alumni of Boston University.


Notable alumni or attendees

Pulitzer Prize winners

  • Robert V. Bruce (MA, PhD), 1988 Pulitzer Prize for History
  • Tom Fiedler (MS COM 1971), Executive Editor, Miami Herald, 1991 Pulitzer Prize
  • Ethan Forman, 2003 Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Daniel Goodrich (COM 1975), Photographer, Newsday, 1997 Pulitzer Prize
  • Stan Grossfeld (MS COM 1980), Associate Editor, Boston Globe, 1984 Pulitzer Prize
  • Joseph Hallinan (BS COM 1984), Reporter, Wall Street Journal, 1991 Pulitzer Prize
  • Kenneth Irby 1992, 1993, and 1995 Pulitzer Prizes
  • Stephen Kurkjian (BA COM 1966), Senior Metro Editor, Boston Globe, 1972, 1980, and 2003 Pulitzer Prizes
  • Jhumpa Lahiri (MA GRS 1993, MA UNI 1995, PhD UNI 1997), 2000 Pulitzer Prize
  • Justin Lane, Freelance Photographer, 2002 Pulitzer Prize
  • Patricia Maldonado, former Staff Writer, Miami Herald, 1999 Pulitzer Prize
  • Gerald O'Neil, former Reporter, Boston Globe, 1972 Pulitzer Prize
  • Michael Rezendes, Reporter, Boston Globe, 2003 Pulitzer Prize
  • Sacha Pfeiffer, Reporter, Boston Globe, 2003 Pulitzer Prize
  • James Savage, Retired Associate Editor, Miami Herald, 1987 and 1993 news staff Pulitzer Prizes
  • William Sherman, Reporter, New York Daily News, Pulitzer Prize, Emmy Award and Peabody Award winner
  • Mark Thompson (BS COM 1975), Senior Correspondent, Time Magazine, 1985 Pulitzer Prize
  • Don Van Natta, Jr. (BS COM 1986), Correspondent, New York Times, 1993, 1999, and 2002 Pulitzer Prizes
  • Joan Vennochi, Columnist, Boston Globe, 1980 Pulitzer Prize
  • Helen Ubinas (BS COM 1994), Columnist, Hartford Courant, 1999 Pulitzer Prize
  • Susan Walsh (BS COM 1987), Staff Photographer, Associated Press, 1999 Pulitzer Prize
  • Meredith Warren, 2003 Pulitzer Prize



  • J Allard, Vice President, Microsoft
  • Supachai Chearavanont, (BSB 1989 SMG), CEO & President, True Corporation (Thailand)
  • Nathaniel Baker, CEO, Domestic Bank
  • Sarmad Palijo, (BA 2004 CAS), Chief Executive, Josh FM 99 - Pakistan's Premier FM Radio Network
  • Norman Barron, Founder, Marshalls Department Stores
  • Kirk Bauer, (JD), Executive Director, Disabled Sports USA; Former Member, President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
  • Brian Bedol, (COM BA 1980), Founder, Fusient Media Ventures, Creator, Classic Sports Network (which became ESPN Classic), Founder and CEO, CSTV
  • Jack Belsito, (BSBA 1982), Group CEO, Voss USA Inc.(formerly President of Snapple)
  • Alessandro Benetton (SMG BSB 1988) Chairman of 21 Investimenti S.p. A, and Deuty Chairman of Benetton Group
  • John K. Billock, (MBA 1975), Vice Chairman and COO, Time Warner Cable
  • Chutinant Bhirom Bhakdi, Board of Directors, Boon Rawd Brewery(Singha Beer)
  • Gina R. Boswell, Sr. Vice President and COO, Avon Products
  • Ellen Bovarnick, Vice President, Coca-Cola
  • David Brand, (BS 1983) Head, Global Technology M&A, Lehman Brothers
  • Janice Brandt, Vice Chair, America Online
  • Shin Yong-Il, (MBA), CEO, Deutsche Asset Management
  • Michael Bronner, (BSBA 1982), Founder & Chairman, Upromise, Digitas
  • Fred Bronstein, President, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Jay Cashman, CEO, Jay Cashman, Inc., Boston-area construction mogul
  • David K. Colapinto, Esquire, partner, Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, Washington, D.C.
  • Ken Danieli, Brand Strategist and Principal, Danieli Consulting, LLC, Pepsi Stuff creator
  • Allison Davis, Vice President, CBS Television
  • David Dinerstein, Founder, Paramount Classics
  • Mickey Drexler, (MBA 1968), Chairman & CEO, J. Crew
  • Trung Dung, software billionaire business executive, founder of Fogbreak Software and On Display
  • David Edgerton, co-founder of Burger King
  • Susan Evans, Co-Founder, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Ahmass Fakahany, Executive Vice President and CFO, Merrill Lynch
  • Kenneth Feld (SMG 1970 BSB), CEO, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus
  • Sidney Feltenstein, (BA 1962), CEO, A&W and Long John Silvers restaurants
  • Bill Fine, President & General Manager, WCVB-TV Boston
  • Paul Fireman, founder, Reebok
  • Jerald G. Fishman, (MBA), CEO, Analog Devices
  • Michael Fricklas, (JD), Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Viacom
  • Samuel P. Fried, (JD), Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel, Limited Brands
  • Arlen W. Gelbard, (JD) Chief Banking Officer and President, E*TRADE Bank
  • Bonnie Hammer, President, Sci-Fi Channel
  • Ted Harbert, President, E! Networks
  • Edgar J. Helms, founder of Goodwill Industries
  • Jeanette Horan, (EMBA 1993), CIO and Vice President, IBM
  • John P. Howe, III, President & CEO, Project HOPE (USA)
  • Frederick Huntsberry, (CGS non-degree prog 1982, BSB SMG 1984) Chief Operating Officer, Paramount Pictures
  • Ishrat Husain (PhD) 13th Governor of State Bank of Pakistan
  • Paul Irwin, former CEO, The Humane Society of the United States
  • Shel Israel (COM, no degree) Author, Entrepreneur and Consultant
  • Toshimasa Iue, (MBA 1989), President & COO, Sanyo
  • Bruce Karatz, (BA 1967), CEO, [[KB Home]
  • Jack B. Grubman, (BA Mathematics 1975), Managing Director, (Pain Webber), (Salomon Smith Barney). Lead Telecommunications Analyst (Citigroup)
  • Damian Kozlowski, (MS), CEO, Citigroup Global Wealth Management
  • Paul LaCamera, (MS), former President & General Manager, WCVB-TV Boston
  • Louis Lataif, former President, Ford Motor Company Europe; Dean Emeritus, Boston University School of Management
  • Michael Tze Hau Lee, (SMG MBA 1986), Managing Director Hysan Development Company Limited
  • Christian F. Martin, CEO, C.F. Martin & Company
  • Jessica McClintock, (BA 1950), Founder, President, CEO, Jessica McClintock, Inc.
  • James McLamore, co-founder of Burger King
  • Dirk Meyer, (MBA 1993) President & COO, Advanced Micro Devices, ACM Maurice Wilkes Award winner for contributions to Alpha and x86 chip designs
  • Mitchell Modell, CEO, Modell's Sporting Goods
  • Peter J. Moran, (CLA 1986), Co-Founder of ThinkBusiness magazine
  • Ellen Parker, Executive Director, Project Bread
  • Christine Poon, (MBA 1983), former Vice Chairman, Johnson & Johnson
  • Craig S. Prusher, (BA 1985, JD 1988), Vice President, Asst. General Counsel, Burger King Corporation
  • Richard D. Reidy, (BS 1982), President, Chief Executive Officer, Progress Software
  • Shari Redstone, (JD), Vice Chair, Viacom and CBS
  • Michael I. Roth, (JD), Interpublic Group
  • Jay Rowe, Sr. Vice President, HBO Films
  • Monty Sarhan, CEO, Cracked Entertainment
  • J. Michael Schell, (JD), Vice Chairman, Global Banking, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
  • John F. Smith, Jr. MBA 1965, Honorary Degree 1993, former Chairman and CEO of General Motors
  • Patrick Spain (LAW JD 1979), founder of Hoover's and HighBeam Research
  • Margaret Stumpp, Senior Vice President, Prudential Financial
  • Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment
  • Gerald Tsai, Jr., (CAS, GRS 1949), Chairman, Tsai Management, Inc.
  • Margaret Wallace, (BS 1989), CEO, Co-Founder, Rebel Monkey
  • David Weinstein, (BA 1972), Chief, Administration & Government Affairs, Fidelity Investments
  • Joseph Williams, CEO, Hibernia Southcoast Capital Corp.
  • Stuart Zakim, (BA 1976, MA 1978), Vice President, Showtime Network
  • Edward Zander, (MBA 1975), Chairman & CEO, Motorola, former President Sun Microsystems
  • Jason Strauss, CEO of the Strategic Group


International government, politics, royalty

United States government, politics


United States Senators

Senators may have served in other capacities, such as a governor. In such cases, the name is left unlinked, but the description will indicate the location of a linked entry.

  • Edward Brooke III, (JD), first African-American U.S. Senator since Reconstruction (MA), Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
  • William M. Butler, (LL.B 1884), former U.S. Senator (MA)
  • William Cohen, (LL.B. 1965), former U.S. Secretary of Defense, former U.S. Senator, former U.S. Congressman
  • J. Howard McGrath, (JD 1929), former U.S. Senator (see Governors)
  • Thomas J. McIntyre, (JD 1940), former U.S. Senator (NH)
  • Robert Upton, (LL.B. 1907), former U.S. Senator (NH)
  • David I. Walsh, (LL.B. 1897), former U.S. Senator (see Governors)

United States House of Representatives

  • Joseph E. Casey, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Antonio Colorado, (BS 1962) Resident Commissioner in US Congress from Puerto Rico
  • Paul Cronin, former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • John Crosby, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Emilio Q. Daddario, (law), former U.S. Congressman (CT)
  • Norman D'Amours, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (NH)
  • Louise Day Hicks, former U.S. Congresswoman (MA)
  • Brian J. Donnelly, (BS 1970), former U.S. Congressman (MA), former US Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago,
  • Charles Douglas III, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (NH)
  • Forrest Goodwin, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (ME)
  • Daniel Granger, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (RI)
  • Arthur Daniel Healey, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA), and U.S. federal judge
  • John Patrick Higgins, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Joe Hoeffel, (BS ), former U.S. Congressman (PA)
  • Barbara Jordan, (JD), former U.S. Congresswoman (TX)
  • Charles Joyce, (Newbury Seminary, pre-1850), former U.S. Congressman (VT)
  • Ambrose Kennedy, (JB LAW 1906), former U.S. Congressman (RI)
  • James Maloney, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (CT)
  • Jim Marshall, (JD), U.S. Congressman (GA)
  • Connie Morella, former U.S. Congresswoman (MD), former Maryland State Senator
  • Frank Morse, former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Henry Naphen, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Jeremiah O'Connell, former U.S. Congressman (RI)
  • Ernest W. Roberts, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Ferdinand St. Germain, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (RI)
  • Charles Sprague, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Robert Stafford, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (VT)
  • Walter Stiness, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (RI)
  • John Sullivan, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Joseph Walsh, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)
  • Edward Wason, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (NH)
  • George Williams, (JD), former U.S. Congressman (MA)

United States Executive Departments and Agencies


  • Keith B. Alexander, (MBA), Director, National Security Agency
  • Armand Arabian, Retired Justice, California Supreme Court
  • Pat Brown, (MBA 2007), Author, criminal profiler, TV commentator
  • Jennifer M. Callahan, (B.A., B.S.), member of the Mass. House of Representatives (served 2002 - present)
  • Paul C. Casey, (MBA 1998), member of the Mass. House of Representatives (served 1989 - present)
  • Martha Coakley, (JD), Massachusetts Attorney General
  • Ned DeWire, (M.Div), former General Secretary, United Methodist Church
  • Michael F. Flaherty, (JD), President, Boston City Council
  • Martha Fuller-Clark, (MA), New Hampshire State Senator
  • Elizabeth Meyer Glaser (SED 1970), child advocate, AIDS activist and co-founder of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
  • Neva Rockefeller Goodwin, (GRS PhD 1988) Philanthropist
  • Don Gorton (CAS B.A. 1982), Commissioner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board
  • Stephen Douglas Johnson (LLM 1989), U.S. House Chief Counsel for Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit 1995-98; White House Senior Advisor for the Office of Federal Housing Oversight 2000-03 whose premature death in 2003 was the subject of a wire service obituary written by the late Ronald Reagan confidant Michael Deaver
  • Stephen Khanoyan, (CAS B.A. 2008), U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer
  • Takeo Kikuchi (LLB LAW 1877), one of the first Japanese to study law in the US, founder and second president of Tokyo’s Chuo University
  • Rikki Klieman (JD LAW 1975), attorney, TV personality, Court TV
  • Benjamin LaGuer, (MET B.L.S. magna cum laude, 1997) Massachusetts inmate who fought a conviction for more than two decades
  • Zsolt Limperger, Hungarian football player
  • Ida Lorentzen, American born Norwegian Artist
  • Joan M. Menard, Massachusetts State Senator
  • Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (JD), political consultant
  • David Mulford (MA GRS 1962), U.S. Ambassador to India
  • Shannon O'Brien, (JD), former Massachusetts State Treasurer
  • Barbara Pariente, (COM '70) Chief Justice, Florida Supreme Court (Authored the Terri Schiavo decision)
  • Mark Regev, (MS MET 1998), spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister
  • Elizabeth Rhodes, (MBA), Rhode Island State Senator
  • Lelia Robinson (Mrs. Sawtelle), (LL.B LAW 1881), first woman admitted to Massachusetts state bar
  • Anna Howard Shaw (STH 1878, MED 1886) President, Nat'l Women's Suffrage Assn (1904-1915), first woman awarded Distinguished Service Medal
  • Cynthia Stone-Creem, Massachusetts State Senator
  • Martha Ware, Massachusetts jurist and politician
  • Sumner Whittier, former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts
  • Frank J. Williams, Chief Justice, Rhode Island Superior Court
  • Jacqueline Bruno, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2003, 3rd runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2003 and Miss Massachusetts USA 2008, Top 10 at Miss USA 2008

Film, performing arts, television, radio, popular culture

Journalism, non-fiction film and broadcasting

See also: Pulitzer Prize winners

  • Elissa Altman, food writer, The Huffington Post, restaurant critic, Hartford Courant
  • Mike Barnicle, Journalist, Radio Host
  • Peter Botte, (SMG 1990 BSB) Sportswriter, New York Daily News, The Hockey News.
  • Liz Cho, WABC-TV News Anchor
  • Christine Chubbuck, television reporter who committed suicide on live television in 1974
  • Elizabeth Cohen, CNN medical correspondent
  • Joe Concannon, (deceased), Sports writer, Boston Globe
  • Glenn Consor, (BS '80), Sports Broadcaster, Radio Color Commentary for FM 106.7 Washington DC Washington Wizards broadcasts. Started 4 years for Rick Pitino on BU Basketball Team
  • Fabien Cousteau, (BS '91), Aquatic filmmaker, grandson of Jacques Cousteau
  • David Doubilet (COM 1970 BS), underwater photographer, National Geographic
  • Mark Feinsand, (COM 1996 BS)Sportswriter, New York Daily News.
  • Tyler Hicks, photographer, New York Times
  • Erica Hill, anchor, CNN Headline News
  • Jeremy Hobson, reporter, Marketplace
  • Randi Kaye, CNN Correspondent, AC360
  • Yunghi Kim (COM 1984 BS) photographer, Pulitzer Prize Finalist, NPPA-POY Magazine Photographer Of The Year
  • Michele LaFountain, Anchor, ESPN SportsCenter en espanól
  • Albert Maysles, Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker
  • Kevin Merida, Associate Editor, Washington Post
  • Carl Mydans, (CBA BS 1930), Photographic journalist with Life Magazine from 1936 into the 1950s
  • Joseph Nocera, columnist, New York Times
  • Bill O'Reilly, (MS '75), Radio & Television personality
  • Melanie Page, Former CNBC employee
  • Anthony Radziwill, NBC anchor and reporter
  • Jay Severin, commentator, politico
  • Casey Sherman, Bestselling author of A Rose for Mary, Black Irish & The Finest Hours
  • Bill Simmons, (COM 1993 MS) Podcaster, Writer for ESPN's Page2
  • Howard Stern (CGS 1974 NDP, SPC 1976 BS), shock jock, radio personality, "King of all Media"
  • Sharon Tay, host, MSNBC
  • Anthony Tommasini, Chief Music Critic, New York Times
  • Nina Totenberg, (COM 1965) correspondent for National Public Radio
  • Susan Tran, reporter, WHDH
  • Gary Tuchman, (COM 1982 BS) reporter, CNN
  • Dana Tyler, Emmy Award winning news anchor
  • Linda Vester, host, Fox News Channel
  • Jim Vicevich, Radio Host of Sound Off Connecticut
  • Luci Saint Michael, Photojournalist, LIFE Magazine, National Geographic



Mickey Cochrane, Baseball Hall of Fame


Notable faculty members

Nobel laureates

Fulbright Scholars

  • Susan Akram, Fulbright Scholar
  • Paul Barbone, Fulbright Scholar
  • Thomas Barfield, Fulbright Scholar
  • Janice Barrett, Fulbright Scholar
  • Peter Bridgman Benfield, Fulbright Scholar
  • Anne Donahue, Fulbright Scholar
  • Wendy Gordon, Fulbright Scholar
  • Michael Corgan, Fulbright Scholar
  • James Johnson, Fulbright Scholar
  • Sam Kauffman, Fulbright Scholar
  • Tedros Kiros, Fulbright Scholar
  • Mark Kon, Fulbright Scholar
  • Jeanne Ellen Koopman, Fulbright Scholar
  • Victor Manfredi, Fulbright Scholar
  • James Mendelsohn, Fulbright Scholar
  • Frances Miller, Fulbright Scholar
  • Robert Neffson, Fulbright Scholar
  • Augustus Norton, Fulbright Scholar
  • David S. Palmer, Fulbright Scholar
  • Robert Rosenthal, Fulbright Scholar
  • Vivian Anne Schmidt, Fulbright Scholar
  • Bruce Schulman, Fulbright Scholar
  • Nina Silber, Fulbright Scholar
  • Henry Burke Wend, Fulbright Scholar

Guggenheim Fellows

  • Henry E. Allison (Professor of Philosophy) 1985
  • Theodore Antoniou (Composer; Professor of Music) 1978
  • David Aronson (Painter; Emeritus Professor of Art) 1960
  • Jelle Atema (Director, Professor of Biology, BU Marine Program at Woods Hole) 1987
  • Millicent Bell (Professor of English)1971
  • Saul Bellow (Novelist; University Professor) 1948 and 1955
  • Peter Anthony Bertocci (Deceased Borden Parker Bowne Professor Emeritus of Philosophy) 1967
  • Robert V. Bruce (Professor Emeritus of History) 1957
  • Alicia Borinsky, (Professor of Latin American and Comparative Literature) 2001 Latin American and Caribbean Fellow
  • Donald Selwyn Carne-Ross (University Professor and Professor of Classics and Modern Languages) 1962
  • Walter D. Connor (Professor of Political Science) 1986
  • Bonnie Costello (Associate Professor of English) 1990
  • Thomas Joseph Cottle (Professor of Education) 1974
  • Patricia Bland Craddock (Professor of English) 1971
  • Robert Dallek (Professor of History) 1973
  • Norman Dello Joio (Composer; University Professor and Professor Emeritus of Music) 1944 and 1945
  • Barbara Diefendorf (Professor of History), 1997 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Leslie D. Epstein (Director, Creative Writing Program) 1977
  • Aaron Moses Fogel (Associate Professor of English) 1987
  • Alfredo Gisholt (Teaching Associate of Art) 2002 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Thomas F. Glick (Professor of History) 1987
  • Merle Goldman (Professor of History) 1987
  • Gennady Gorelik (Research Fellow, Center for Philosophy and History of Science) 1995 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Jeffrey Henderson (Professor of Classical Studies) 1997 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Patricia Hills (Professor of Art History) 1982
  • Jaakko Hintikka (Professor of Philosophy) 1987
  • Arthur Grover Humes (Professor Emeritus of Biology) 1954
  • Caroline Jones (Associate Professor of Art History) 1999 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Howard Clark Kee (William Goodwin Aurelio Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies) 1966
  • Carol Keller (Assistant Professor of Art) 1999 US and Canadian Fellow
  • William R. Keylor (Professor of History) 1976
  • John T. Kirk (Emeritus Professor of Art History) 1986
  • Jon Paul Klancher (Associate Professor of English) 1989
  • Fred S. Kleiner (Professor of Art History and Archaeology) 1988
  • Nancy Kopell (Professor of Mathematics) 1984
  • Aileen S. Kraditor (Professor Emeritus of History) 1975
  • Leonid A. Levin (Professor of Computer Science) 1993
  • Ralph Lombreglia (Instructor in Creative Writing) 1996 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Susan Mizruchi (Professor of English and American Studies) 2001 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Dilip Mookherjee ( Professor of Economics and Director, Institute of Economic Development) 2001 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Debraj Ray (former Professor of Economics) 1997 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Maureen Raymo (Research Associate Professor of Earth Sciences) 2003 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Abner Shimony (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Physics) 1972 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Lawrence Sulak (David M. Myers Distinguished Professor of Physics) 2002 US and Canadian Fellow
  • Julian Zelizer (Professor of History) 2006 US and Canadian Fellow

MacArthur Fellows

  • Jim Collins, fellow, MacArthur Foundation, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Nancy Kopell, fellow, MacArthur Foundation, Professor of Mathematics

Rhodes Scholars

  • Jim Collins, Rhodes Scholar, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Robert Grasberger, Rhodes Scholar
  • Michael Hasselmo, Rhodes Scholar, Professor of Psychology
  • Julius Levine, Rhodes Scholar
  • Rick Malins, Rhodes Scholar
  • Jon Westling, Rhodes Scholar, former President of Boston University

Film, performing arts, television, radio


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