Annie Machon

Annie Machon

Annie Machon born 1968 is a former MI5 (British Security Service) Intelligence Officer who left the Service at the same time as David Shayler, her partner at the time, due to Shayler's disclosures about criminality within the intelligence agencies. To date, Machon is a prominent member of 9/11 Truth Movement, yet her former partner, Shayler, has been rejected for his claims that real planes never hit the World Trade Center and that he was a messiah [ [ Discrediting By Association: Undermining the Case for Patriots Who Question 9/11] ] [ [ Shayler says he's the New Messiah. Obviously he's undergoing a psychological crisis] ] [ [ Video of David Shayler & Annie Machon at Leeds] ] [ [ David Shayler: Disinfo Fest - Certainly NOT a 9/11 Truther] ] . [ [ DisinformationInfiltration, Misinformation, Disruption - links to David Shayler for his no plane claims] ]

Despite having spent over a decade whistle blowing and putting together so called "truth campaigns" around 9/11, the invasion of Iraq and the War on Terror in general has faced accusations by other persons involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement of spreading disinformation on behalf of the British and American governments. Although these accusations are plentiful, so far they have never been backed up by any evidence.

In 2005, Machon published her first book, "Spies,Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5 and the David Shayler Affair" in which she offers criticims of the Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service based on her observations of the two whilst in the employment of MI5.

Early career

Machon read Classics at Cambridge University and after her academic years started a career in publishing.


In 1991 she was recruited by MI5 where she was posted to their counter-subversion department, officially known 'F2'. Later in her service after meeting Shayler, she was reassigned to the international counter-terrorist division, known as 'G Division' where she claims Shayler who was head of the section, informed her that he had witnessed other employees involved in the practice of illegal telephone tapping of journalists.

After MI5

After hearing Shayler's claims, along with his claims MI5 failure to prevent the bombing of the Israeli embassy in London on 26 July 1994 and his claims MI5 had some involvement in the attempted assassination of Colonel Gaddafi, Machon agreed to resign from MI5 so Shayler could go public with his claims.

In February 2007, Machon appeared in Ireland with Shayler and William Rodriguez. [ ] [ ] Rodriguez travels around the world, claiming that he saved hundreds of people from the World Trade Center by unlocking fire emergency doors.Machon also toured Britain with Rodriguez. [ ]

In 2007 Machon ended her relationship with Shayler due to his use of hallucinogenics and claims that he was the Messiah. Machon is featured in "Last Man Out," a 90-minute documentary movie by Jonathan Kerr-Smith about Rodriguez. [ ]


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