Cubismo is a Croatian music band of eleven members playing salsa and latin jazz. The band was founded at the beginning of 1996 by a gathering of eight eminent musicians from various Croatian music bands. They also featured a Venezuelan singer Ricardo Luque.

The name Cubismo was created from Dizzy Gillespie's piece "Cu-bi Cu-bop", which represents one of the first music mixes of jazz and afro-Cuban music. The name is associated with Cuba as well, which has a music tradition known as the cornerstone of entire music genre made and performed by Cubismo.

Their sound is characterized by multiplicity of instruments and expressively strong dance rhythm produced by a multi-member rhythm section. Besides remakes of standard jazz pieces, popular and traditional Cuban songs, they perform their own pieces.


  • 1997: Cubismo
  • 1998: Viva La Habana
  • 2000: Motivo Cubano
  • 2002: Junglesalsa
  • 2004: Amigos
  • 2005: Amigos DVD Live in Lisinski

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