Pelican (disambiguation)

Pelican (disambiguation)

A pelican is a bird of the family "Pelecanidae".

Pelican may also refer to:


*Pelican, Alaska
*Pelican, Wisconsin
*Pelican, New South Wales

Ships and aircraft

*Boeing Pelican, the large-capacity low-altitude transport aircraft currently being studied by the Boeing Phantom Works
*HH-3F Pelican, the US Coast Guard Search and Rescue helicopter
*"Pelican", the former name of Sir Francis Drake's ship "Golden Hind"
*"Pélican", the flagship of Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville on his expedition to the Mississippi
* Le "Pélican" (1992) a replica of "Pélican" built in Quebec and moored at Donaldsonville, Louisiana
*"HMS Pelican", Royal Navy ship
*"Pelican (privateer)", a ship which sank in 1793

*The Pelican (Fishing Vessel), a fishing boat which capsized in 1951 off Montauk, New York
* Pelican (dinghy), a small boat


*Pelican Accessories, a company that makes 3rd party video game accessories
*Pelican (band), a post-metal band from Chicago
*Pelican E.P, an EP from the Irish Post-Rock band Tracer AMC
* Pelican Books, a non-fiction imprint of Penguin Books
*Pelican case, a watertight case made by Pelican Products
*Pelican crossing, a type of pedestrian road crossing
*Pelican Nebula, an HII region located toward the constellation Cygnus
*"Pelican" (magazine), the University of Western Australia student newspaper
*Pelican Products, a producer of high quality cases and flashlights
*Pelicans (ice hockey), a Finnish ice-hockey team playing in the national elite league SM-liiga
* a possible misspelling of Pelikan, a human surname
*Pelikan, a German manufacturer of writing equipment
* an antiquated nickname for an inhabitant of Gibraltar
*Pelican, a vehicle from the video game series Halo.

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