Flag of Abkhazia

Flag of Abkhazia

The flag of the Republic of Abkhazia was created in 1991 by V. Gamgia. Аргун Ю.Г. ("Argun Yu. G."), [http://www.kolhida.ru/index.php3?path=_abigi/book/XLVIII&source=argun О Государственном флаге] ("On the state flag" (XLVIII итоговая научная сессия (11-13 мая). тезисы докладов. - Сухум: АбИГИ, 2004, с. 3-4)] The design of the red canton is based on the banner of the mediaeval Abkhazian Kingdom. The open right hand represents Abkhaz nationhood. Even if it was not the originally intended meaning, the seven stars in the canton have since been reinterpreted to correspond to the seven historical regions of the country - Sadzen, Bzyp, Gumaa, Abzhywa, Samurzaqan, Dal-Tsabal and Pskhuy-Aibga. [http://www.abkhaziagov.org/ru/state/sovereignty/symbols.php Государственные символы ] ] The seven green and white stripes are based on the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus, which Abkhazia considers itself to have been a part of after World War I. Seven is a number sacred to the Abkhaz and the green and white stripes represent the tolerance that allows Christianity and Islam to cohabit.

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