Prawn To Be Wild

Prawn To Be Wild

Prawn to be Wild is a 12-part point-and-click adventure game, sponsored by T-Mobile, which delves into the backstory of Jonti Picking's animated web series, "On the Moon". Focusing on "Moon" character Insanity Prawn Boy, "PTBW" is set before the crustacean moves to the moon and reveals some of his history to the player. Its episodes are released on Weebl's Stuff on Fridays as part of T-Mobile's Top-Up Friday promotion. The games are drawn by Peabo, programmed by 3D Phil and voiced by Weebl.

Part 1

*Release date: 28/09/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn Boy, The king, Uncle Guardy, Mr Bubbles, Pharmacist, Indian Restaurant Owners, Giant Squid
*Link: [ Part 1]
*Plot: The game starts in ancient times when the ocean was full of life. It takes place in the Prawn Kingdom, Insanity Prawn Boy's home. It begins as he sees two prawns reading a poster and finds out that the king is ill, and whoever cures him will take over his role as king when he dies. Insanity Prawn Boy then goes on a quest to cure the king. It is revealed that the king is ill due to eating bad Pork Korma. Insanity Prawn Boy goes to the local pharmacy, but they are all out of stomach medicine. In a cave outside the kingdom, after defeating a squid, he retrieves a bottle of Pepto-Bismol from an oyster. Since the guards to the kings room won't let him in, Insanity Prawn Boy travels through a sewage line where a Big Daddy from the recently-released "Bioshock" confuses him for a Little Sister, (as he was wearing a bloodstained dress) and helps him into a tall pipe. After getting into the kings room, and giving him the medicine, Insanity Prawn Boy offers the king a peanut, which he is deathly allergic to. This means that Insanity Prawn Boy has become king of the prawns, but before he can celebrate, the ice age freezes him solid. This sets the stage for Chapter Two.

Part 2

*Release date: 05/10/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn Boy, A Cat In A Box, Two fish fingers, Weebl and Bob
*Link: [ Part 2]
*Plot: It is revealed that Insanity Prawn Boy slept for thousands of years before being found by fisherman who sold him to a supermarket and if he doesn't escape his block of ice he'll be eaten. But after escaping Insanity Prawn Boy obtains a price gun and a #1 foam finger, he reads a Latin book and finds out the Latin for catnip. After finding the catnip in a room full of plants, he offers it to a cat in trade for his box. He puts the foam fingers on his head and tells the fish gangsters he is a fish as they only let fish fingers through, they fall for it and Insanity Prawn Boy goes to the Bargain Basement. There he finds Weebl and Bob looking for a pie for a precise price. He writes 'Pie' on the box and prices it at the accurate price so Weebl and Bob take him and leave the shop.

Part 3

*Release date: 12/10/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn boy, Weebl and Bob, Monkey
*Link: [ Part 3]
*Plot: After being taken home by Weebl and Bob, Insanity Prawn Boy escapes their shopping bag and confronts them. Weebl asks Insanity Prawn Boy to prove he isn't a pie by asking him how many fingers he's holding up, which is of course none. He is then faced with a physical challenge, find the TV remote because it is stuck on the animal channel. You can then explore their house and you can use the boat to travel to 'Monkey Island' which is a small island covered in sewage. The Monkey challenges you to an Insult Swordfight, in a homage to Monkey Island, after completion the monkey opens the cupboard. Insanity Prawn Boy goes through a portal in the cupboard which teleports you to an alternative dimension.

Part 4

*Release date: 19/10/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn boy, Weebl and Bob, Monkey, Elephant
*Link: [ Part 4]
*Plot: After beings transported to another dimension you face a room of lasers once you have escaped that an alternative Weebl and Bob are in the library and seem to be intelligent. Insanity Prawn Boy finds an elephant sitting on the remote so gets an ice cream cone from a Monkey who uses the toilet, he gets pie tins from a de-activated laser room and sausages from a dog. He uses these objects to disguise himself as a mouse and the elephant runs away. You give the remote back to Weebl and Bob and they decide that there is nothing on TV so they send Insanity Prawn Boy to the video store.

Part 5

*Release date: 26/10/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn boy, Weebl and Bob, Goth, Monkey, Quentin Tarantino, Sexy Boy, Cat Face
*Link: [ Part 5]
*Plot: After being sent to the video store Insanity Prawn Boy uses a mans phone to ask what video Weebl and Bob want. After trading videos with various people and asking for Weebl and Bob's decision on every video they decide to get 'Death Beisel' because it fits their original description. On the way home Cat Face, another one of Picking's creations, rubs his special scent on Insanity Prawn Boy; according to Cat Face this means he owns him, and subsequently takes the prawn back to Cat Face's house.

Part 6

*Release date: 2/11/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn boy, Cat Face, Fly, Old Woman
*Link: [ Part 6]
*Plot: Insanity Prawn Boy is locked in a room with an old woman by Cat Face. After helping the old woman find her dentures, Insanity Prawn Boy is eaten by the hungry woman. Insanity Prawn Boy must navigate the old woman's innards, and exploit a fly and her robotic body parts to affect his toilet-based escape. He succeeds, and surfs off into the sewer system.

Part 7

*Release date: 9/11/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn Boy, The king, Uncle Guardy, Pharmacist, Narwhal, Giant Squid
*Link: [ Part 7]
*Plot: Insanity Prawn Boy lands in a familiar area - the Prawn Kingdom from Part 1. Many years have passed, and the prawns are dead, yet they survive as ghosts. The kingdom is in ruins, and overrun by squid. While Insanity Prawn Boy was away, the prawns decided making him king was a bad idea, and the ghost of the original king has retaken the throne. Insanity Prawn Boy wants to be king again, and the King agrees to let him on the condition that he do something about the squid first. With the help of the ghosts of the guards, the ghost of the pharmacist, the giant squid, and a narwhal, Insanity Prawn Boy is able to play the squids' favorite song - "Axel F" - and lead them pied-piper-style into a cave, which is then sealed with dynamite. However, Insanity Prawn Boy neglected to leave the cave before the explosion, and ends up sealed inside with the squid.

Part 8

*Release date: 16/11/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn Boy
*Link: [ Part 8]
*Plot: After been trapped in a cave with multiple squid, IPB ends up in his own mind, IPB ends up talking to his own brain, a mail room and even orders some toast. Once the chapter is completed IPB ends up in a court room facing several murder charges.

Part 9

*Release date: 23/11/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn Boy
*Link: [ Part 9]
*Plot: Insanity Prawn Boy is on trial for murder. The first case is for murdering the king. He gets through by proving that the King is in fact "a fake ghost" The second murder accusation is of killing the Elephant in Weebl and Bobs apartment, he gets away with it by saying he did it, but it was in an alternative universe and the judges says he has no jursdiction in other universes.

Part 10

*Release date: 30/11/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn Boy, Scientists, Big fat hamster
*Link: [ Part 10]
*Plot: Insanity Prawn Boy is sent to a testing facility and escapes on a rocket.

Part 11

*Release date: 7/12/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn boy, Ship's computer, Cow, Magical Trevor, Dove, Worms, Minky Steve, Carl Hondures, Worms from [ Space Is Fun] , The Toast King
*Link: [|Part 11]
*Plot: IPB seems to have crashed landed on a strange planet. He uses a part of the broken rocket and a sock to disguise himself of "keith" the unseen friends of the space worms. One of the space worms gives him a ticket to te magic show. IPB goes to the magic show and volunteers to help Mr Trevor in the show. He chooses to be shrunk and climbs into Trevs pocket and uses a balloon and an inhalor to make a "worm" he gives it to a bird, who chokes on it and dies, thus obtaining the key from underneath said bird. He uses the key to steal Trevs spaceship

Part 12

*Release date: 14/12/07
*Characters Present: Insanity Prawn boy, owls, Dave Stewart, Professor Carapace, The Toast King
*Link: [|Part 12]
*Plot: Insanity Prawn Boy is on the moon and decides he wants to have a wine and cheese moon warming party

*It has many references to other Weebl's Stuff toons. Weebl and Bob have so far featured in four parts and Cat Face in two so far. Also featuring in cameo appearances are Magical Trevor, Minky Steve, Carl Honduras and the characters from space is fun. Also, Part 12 requires you to redo a conversation with the Toast King from the first episode of "On The Moon".
*References to popular culture are also made such as a Big Daddy from "Bioshock" in part 1 and a Monkey Island insult swordfight in Part 3.
* The whole of Part 10 is reference to the "Half-Life" Universe. Insanity Prawn Boy is trying to escape "Black Country Mesa" Labs, and the rocket is guarded by "Intelligence seeking guns" - Aperture Science gun turrets from "Portal".
*Lasers are a continuous theme and are seen or mentioned in nearly every chapter.

=See Also=
*Jonti Picking
*On The Moon
*Weebl and Bob

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