Eustace of Luxeuil

Eustace of Luxeuil

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death_date=629 AD
feast_day= March 29
venerated_in= Roman Catholic Church

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Saint Eustace of Luxeuil (560? - 629?), also known as Eustasius, was the second abbot of Luxeuil from 611. He succeeded his teacher Saint Columbanus, to whom he had been a favourite disciple and monk. He had been the head of the monastic school.

During his abbacy, the monastery contained about 600 monks and was a well-known seminary that produced both bishops and saints. He was noted for his humility, continual prayer, and fasting. During his administration, Luxeuil acquired under a high reputation for learning, as well as during the rule of his successor Saint Waldebert.

A tradition states that he cured Sadalberga of blindness; he had been visiting Bavaria and cured this future saint of her ailment after stopping by at her house. [Alban Butler, Paul Burns, "Butler's Lives of the Saints" (Continuum InternationalPublishing Group, 2000), 208.]

His feast day is March 29.



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