Lineo Solutions, Inc. was the former thin client and embedded systems division of Caldera Systems.

Lineo originally was spun out of Caldera Systems in September of 1997, under the company name Caldera Thin Clients. It was later renamed, in July 1998, to Lineo. The President and CEO of Lineo when it was formed was Bryan Sparks, the original founder of Caldera Systems. At the time of its creation, Lineo had 14 employees.Through a series of acquisitions and mergers, it eventually ballooned to a peak of about 350 employees, with offices in seven countries. The companies that it acquired or merged with were:
* Zentropix - realtime Linux specialists
* RT-control - uCLinux creators, very small board (uCDimm) vendors
* Moreton Bay - VPN/Router vendor (located in Brisbane, Australia)
* United Systems Engineering (USE) - Japanese Linux consulting company
* Fireplug - Canadian Linux consulting company (ThinLinux product)
* Inup - High availability Linux
* Embedded Power Corporation - Realtime and DSP OS (RTXC product)

Its main products were "Embedix", a lightweight Linux distribution for embedded systems, and DR-DOS, an MS-DOS compatible operating system, although through its acquisitions it had a range of products inmany different product categories.

The DR-DOS division was spun off into a new company, DeviceLogics. The Embedix division was purchased and absorbed by Metrowerks.

The router division (formerly Moreton Bay) spun out, and was later acquired by CyberGuard and then Secure Computing, and as of 2008 was still producing the SnapGear brand of VPN/routers.

A former Japanese acquisition and at one time wholly-owned subsidiary, United System Engineers, Inc. (USE), now trades as Lineo Solutions.

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