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movement = Dark fiction [ [ Kemble, Gary (April 2006). "Horror: give it a name". "ABC online news (Articulate)."] Retrieved 16-9-2007.] [ [ Clarke, Rosie (August 2007). "2007 Snapshot interview". "Australian SpecFic In Focus".] Retrieved 16-9-2007.]
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Shane Jiraiya Cummings (born April 24, 1974, Sydney, Australia) is an Australian horror short story writer and editor. He lives in Perth, Western Australia with his partner Angela Challis. Born Shane Cummings, he has used "Jiraiya" as his part of his legal name since his Iga-ryu Ninjutsu and Sports Chanbara sensei Kazuo "Crando" Saito bestowed the name to him in the early 1990s. [ [ Cummings, Shane Jiraiya (June 2007). "The Last of My Kind" , Smoke and Mirrors blog.] ]

Cummings is a member of Australian Horror Writers Association, the Horror Writers Association (US), and a graduate of the Clarion South writers workshop (2005). [ [ Australian Horror Writers Association member page: Shane Jiraiya Cummings] Retrieved 16-9-2007.] [ [ Clarion South past students] ] [Hanson, Donna Maree (2005: 198). Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre Overview. Murrumbateman: Australian Speculative Fiction.] In 2007, he was the Convenor of the Horror judging panel in the Aurealis Awards [ [ Aurealis Award 2007 Judges] ] and a judge for the Australian Shadows Award. [ [ Australian Shadows Award 2007 Judges. AHWA website.] ]

In 2004, Cummings co-founded Australian independent publisher Brimstone Press and Shadowed Realms online magazine with partner Angela Challis. [ Kemble, Gary (December 2006). "A new age for Australian horror". "ABC Online news (Articulate)".] Retrieved 16-9-2007.] In 2005, Cummings founded , a news and review zine. He has co-edited a number of fiction anthologies including "Shadow Box" and "Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2006 edition". [Murphy, John (16 Jan 2007). "Brimstone fires taste for horror". "Wanneroo Times" newspaper.] [ Kemble, Gary (December 2006). "A new age for Australian horror". "ABC Online news (Articulate)".] Retrieved 16-9-2007.] Cummings has won two Ditmar Awards and has been nominated for several other genre awards for his writing and editing. [ [ Aurealis Awards winners archive] Retrieved 16-9-2007.] [ [ Convergence 2 official 2007 Ditmar winners announcement (June 2007).] Retrieved 16-9-2007.] [ [ Inkspillers Ditmar Awards archive.] Retrieved 16-9-2007.] [ [ Locus magazine index to Ditmar Awards.] Retrieved 16-9-2007.]

Cummings is the managing editor of doctors' magazine Medical Forum. He publishes articles in the magazine under the name 'Shane Cummings'. [ [ Cummings, Shane. Articles on Medical Forum.] ] [Cummings, Shane (Feb 2006 to Sep 2007). "Medical Forum (various editions)". Perth: Health Publications.]



*"Shards: Forty Short Sharp Tales" (illustrated by Andrew J McKiernan), Ticonderoga Publications ("forthcoming")
*"In the Heart of Midnight", Brimstone Press ("forthcoming")

Anthologies Edited

*"Tales from the Sunburnt Realm" (with Nigel Read) ("forthcoming")
*"Black Box", Brimstone Press, 2008 ["Black Box e-anthology"] .
*"Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2006 edition" (with Angela Challis), Brimstone Press 2006. ISBN 978-0-9802817-0-5
*"Shadow Box", (with Angela Challis), Brimstone Press, Nov 2005.
*"Robots & Time", Altair Australia Books, 2004. ISBN 0-9577238-4-9

hort Stories (selected)

*"Requiem for the Burning God" - "Cthulhu's Dark Cults" (ed. David Conyers, Chaosium), "forthcoming"
*"The Cutting Room" - "Gratia Placenti" (ed. Jason Sizemore, Apex Book Company), "forthcoming"
**"Paura 4" (Spanish), Nov 2007.
*"Memoirs of a Teenage Antichrist" - Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #31, Oct 2007
*"Beneath Southern Waves" - "Daikaiju! 2" (ed. Robert Hood, Agog! Press), June 2007
*"Yamabushi Kaidan & the Smoke Dragon" - "Fantastic Wonder Stories" (ed. Russell B Farr, Ticonderoga Publications), Apr 2007
*"Itch" - Horror Literature Quarterly #1, Apr 2007
*"Genesis Six" - Apex Digest #8, 2007
**Best of Apex 2006 (ed. Jason Sizemore, Apex Book Company), 2007
*"Stealing Fire" - "Book of Shadows Volume One" (ed. Angela Challis, Brimstone Press), December 2006
*"Prescience" - Borderlands #8, Oct 2006
*"Spin the Witch Bottle" - Shadowed Realms #11, Oct 2006
*"The Garden Shed Pact" - Borderlands #7, Jun 2006
**Apex Online, May 2007
**Horrifique #35 (French), "forthcoming"
**"Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2007 edition" (ed. Angela Challis, Brimstone Press), "forthcoming"
*"Love in the Land of the Dead" - Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #22, Feb 2006
*"Ian" - Ticonderoga Online #5, 2006.
*"Revision is Murder" - Simulacrum #11, July 2005
*"Hear No Evil" - Borderlands #4, Feb 2005
**Dark Wisdom, "forthcoming"
*"Sobek's Tears" - Aurealis #33-35, Dec 2004
**Nowa Fantastyka #279 (Polish), Dec 2005
**"Black Eden" (ed. Stephen M Wilson), "forthcoming"
*"On Dark Clouds Borne" - Antipodean SF #72, May 2004
**Dark Wisdom #11, "forthcoming"



*2007 Ditmar Award, Fanzine: HorrorScope (ed. Shane Jiraiya Cummings et al.)
*2006 Ditmar Award, Fan Writer


*2008 Ditmar Award, Novella/novelette: "Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon"
*2008 Ditmar Award, Fan Writer
*2008 Ditmar Award, Fanzine: HorrorScope (ed. Shane Jiraiya Cummings et al.)
*2008 William Atheling Jr Award: Review of David Conyers' & John Sunseri's "The Spiraling Worm" on HorrorScope
*2008 Aurealis Award, Young Adult short story: "Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon"
*2007 Ditmar Award, Best New Talent
*2007 Ditmar Award, Fan Writer
*2007 Tin Duck Award, Professional Short Fiction: "Colossus of Roads" (Ticonderoga Online #9)
*2007 Tin Duck Award, Professional Short Fiction: "Prescience" (Borderlands #8)
*2006 Ditmar Award, Fanzine: HorrorScope (ed. Shane Jiraiya Cummings et al.)
*2006 Ditmar Award, Fan Writer
*2006 Australian Shadows Award: "Shadow Box" (with Angela Challis)
*2006 Tin Duck Award, Professional Short Fiction: "Ian" (Ticonderoga Online #5)
*2006 Tin Duck Award, Professional Short Fiction: "Hear No Evil" (Borderlands #4)
*2006 Tin Duck Award, Professional Production: "Shadow Box" (with Angela Challis)
*2006 Tin Duck Award, Fan Production: HorrorScope (edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings et al.)
*2005 Tin Duck Award, Professional Fiction: "Sobek's Tears" (Aurealis #33-35)

Honourable mentions

*2006 Aurealis Award, Horror short story: "Revision is Murder" (Simulacrum #11)


* [ ASif! reviews of Cummings' work]
* [ Tangent Online review of "Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2006"]
* [ Tangent Online review of "Shadow Box"]
* [ Ticonderoga Online review of "Robots & Time"]


External links

* [ Shane Jiraiya Cummings' website]

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