Roman Catholic Diocese of Laval

Roman Catholic Diocese of Laval

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Laval is a Roman Catholic Latin Rite diocese in France. The episcopal see is Laval Cathedral, in the city of Laval. Originally created in June 1855, the diocese was originally erected from the Diocese of Le Mans, and corresponds to the department of Mayenne. The diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Rennes.

The current bishop is Thierry Scherrer, appointed in 2008.



A constitutional bishopric existed at Laval for a short time during the French Revolution; and two titular incumbents, Vilar and Dorlodot, occupied the position. In 1846 the creation of the see was decided upon, but was not carried out until after the death of Bishop Bouvier of Le Mans in 1854. A Bull of Pope Pius IX, June 30, 1855, established the See of Laval. The apologist Emile Bougaud was consecrated Bishop of Laval in February, 1888, and died a few months later. The request of the Holy See in 1904 for the resignation of Bishop Pierre-Joseph Geay (1896-1904) was one of the reasons assigned by the French Republic for breaking with the pope and preparing the separation of Church and State.[1]

List of bishops

  • Casimir-Alexis-Joseph Wicart - 1855-1876
  • Jules-Denis-Marie-Dieudonné Le Hardy du Marais - 1876-1886
  • Victor Maréchal - appointed and died 1887
  • Louis-Victor-Emile Bougaud - 1887-1888
  • Jules Cléret - 1889-1895
  • Pierre-Joseph Geay - 1896-1904[2]
  • Eugène-Jacques Grellier - 1906-1936
  • Joseph-Jean-Yves Marcadé - 1936-1938
  • Paul-Marie-André Richaud - 1938-1950 (appointed Archbishop of Bordeaux; Cardinal)
  • Maurice-Paul-Jules Rousseau - 1950-1962
  • Charles-Marie-Jacques Guilhem - 1962-1969
  • Paul-Louis Carrière - 1969-1984
  • Louis-Marie Billé - 1984-1995 (appointed Archbishop of Aix; Archbishop of Lyon; Cardinal)
  • Armand Maillard - 1996-2007
  • Thierry Scherrer - 2008-



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