Immersion exhibit

Immersion exhibit

An immersion exhibit is a naturalistic zoo environment that gives visitors the sense they're actually in the animals' habitats. Buildings and barriers are hidden. By recreating sights and sounds from natural environments, immersion exhibits provide an indication about how animals live in the wildcite web | title=What Is an Immersion Exhibit?|url=| accessdate=2007-08-10] .

The landscape immersion term and approach were developed in 1975 at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoocite web | title=Immersion Design|url=| accessdate=2007-08-10] . This led to the zoo's ground-breaking gorilla exhibit which opened in 1978cite web | title=Inside Out Cage|url=| accessdate=2007-08-15] cite web | last = Coe | first = Jon Charles | coauthors = Lee, Gary | title=One-Hundred Years of Evolution in Great Ape Facilities in American Zoos: 1896 - 1996|url=| date=1996] . The concept has since gained widespread acceptance as a best practice for zoological exhibits.


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