Cooperatives Secretariat

Cooperatives Secretariat
Cooperatives Secretariat

Francais: Secrétariat aux coopératives
Established: 1998
Minister: Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
Secretary of State: Christian Paradis

The Co-operatives Secretariat was established within the Government of Canada in 1987 to help the federal government respond more effectively to the concerns and needs of co-operatives. The Secretariat advises the government on policies affecting co-operatives, co-ordinates the implementation of such policies, and encourages use of the co-operative model for the social and economic development of Canada's communities. The Secretariat also provides a link between the co-op sector and the many federal departments and agencies with which they interact.

The Co-operatives Secretariat, housed in Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is dedicated to economic growth and social development of Canadian society through co-operative enterprise. The mandate of the Cooperatives Secretariat is to:

  • ensure that the needs of the co-operative sector are taken into account by the federal government, especially in the development of policies and programs.
  • inform the federal government's key players about the role and the potential of co-operatives in the development of Canadian society and its economy.
  • foster a beneficial exchange of views among the federal, provincial and territorial governments, co-operatives, academics and other stakeholders engaged in the development of co-operatives.
  • facilitate interaction between co-operatives and the federal government.
  • provide governments, key economic stakeholders and the general public with information that promotes an accurate understanding of co-operatives and the co-operative model of enterprise.

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is responsible for the Cooperatives Secretariat.

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