Alice (given name)

Alice (given name)

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name = Alice

caption=Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, illustrated by John Tenniel, is an inspiration for the popularity of the name Alice.
gender =
meaning = Of nobility
region =
origin = Germanic, Old French
related names = Alaïs, Adalheidis, Arisu
Popularity =
Name Day = January 15- Czech name day
footnotes =

Alice is a feminine given name used primarily in English and Italian. It is a shortened form of the Old French "Adelais", which is derived from the Germanic name "Adalheidis", from the Germanic word elements "adal", meaning "noble" and "heid", meaning "type". Alaïs is the Old French form of the name; Alys of Vexin was also known as Alaïs.

Alice was the fourth most popular female baby name in Sweden in 2005 and the sixth most popular name in 2007. [ [ Namnstatistik - Statistik från SCB ] ] The name ranks in the top 100 most popular names for baby girls in Australia, Belgium, France, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, and Northern Ireland. It ranked as the 346th most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2007. Alice ranked as the 51st most common name for women in the United States in the 1990 census. [ [ Behind the Name] ] In Japan, it is gaining popularity as "Arisu"."Fact|date=December 2007

The name was most popular in the United States in the Victorian Era and at the turn of the 20th century. It has been popularized by Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. It was also popular in the Victorian Era due to Princess Alice of Great Britain and Ireland, a daughter of Queen Victoria. In the United States, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, was occasionally known as "Princess Alice" in the press and inspired a song called "Alice Blue Gown."

In recent years, the variants "Alicia", "Alyssa" and "Allison" and a short form, "Allie", have been more popular names in the United States. Alyssa was the 14th most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2007; Allison was the 46th most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2007; Alicia was the 180th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2007 and Allie was the 238th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2007. All four names have multiple spelling variants which are also well-used.


*Ada (English), (German), (Hungarian), (Polish), (Romanian)
*Addie (English)
*Addy (English)
*Adéla (Czech)
*Adela (English), (Polish), Romanian, Spanish
*Adelaida (Spanish)
*Adélaïde (French)
*Adelaide (French), (Portuguese)
*Adelajda (Polish)
*Adéle (French)
*Adelheid (Dutch), (German)
*Adelia (English)
*Adélia (Portuguese)
*Adelina (Italian), (Portuguese), Spanish
*Adeline (English), (French)
*Adelita (Spanish)
*Adelle (English)
*Aileas (Scottish)
*Aili (Scottish)
*Ailís (Irish)
*Alease (English)
*Alecia (English)
*Aleesha (English)
*Aleid (Dutch)
*Aleida (Dutch)
*Aleit (German)
*Alesha (English)
*Ali (English)
*Alica (Slovakian, Hebrew)
*Alícia (Portuguese)
*Alicia (English), (Spanish)
*Alicja (Polish)
*Alida (Hungarian)
*Aliisa (Finnish)
*Alina (German), (Italian), (Polish), (Romanian)
*Aline (English), (French), (Portuguese)
*Alis (Welsh)
*Alisa (Russian)
*Alise English, (Latvian)
*Alisha (English)
*Alisia (English)
*Alison (English), Scottish
*Alissa (English)
*Alisya (English)
*Alita (Spanish)
*Alix (German), (Old French)
*Aliz (Hungarian)
*Alli (English), (Finnish)
*Allie (English)
*Allison (English)
*Allissa (English)
*Ally (English)
*Allycia (English)
*Allyson (English)
*Alyce (English)
*Alycia (English)
*Alys (English)
*Alysa (English)
*Alysa (English)
*Alyse (English)
*Alysha (English)
*Alysia (English)
*Alyson (English)
*Alyssa (English)
*Alyssia (English)
*Awice (English)
*Della (English)
*Ealee (Manx)
*Ealish (Manx)
*Elicia (English)
*Elke (Dutch), (Frisian)
*Elissa (English)
*Elyssa (English)
*Heida (German)
*Heidi (English), (German)
*Ilyssa (English)
*Lecia (English)
*Lisha (English)
*Lyssa (English)
*Алиса (Russian)toons gf



* Alice Bunker Stockham, American suffragist
* Alice Gerard, peace activist
* Alice Herz, anti-war protestor
* Alice Meynell English suffragist and poet
* Alice Milligan, Irish nationalist
* Alice Paul, American suffragist
* Alice Schwarzer, German feminist and publisher


Authors and Poets

* Alice Cary, poet
* Alice Fulton, poet and author
* Alice Hoffman, author of "Practical Magic"
* Alice McDermott, author
* Alice Duer Miller, author and poet
* Alice Munro, Canadian author
* Alice Sebold, author of "The Lovely Bones"
* Alice Thompson, Scottish novelist
* Alice Walker, author

Actors and Filmmakers

* Ali MacGraw, actress; real first name is Alice
* Alice Barrett, actress
* Alice Brady, actress
* Alice Cocéa, French actress
* Alice Day, actress
* Alice Faye, actress and singer
* Alice Guy-Blaché, French filmmaker
* Alice Krige South African actress
* Alice Norin, Norwegian-Indonesian actress
* Alice Pearce, actress
* Alice Robitaille, Canadian actress
* Alice White, actress


* Alice (Carla Bissi), an Italian singer
* Alice Coltrane, jazz pianist
* Alice Cooper, male rock musician (see also "The Alice Cooper Show" and "Alice Cooper Goes to Hell")
* Alice Deejay, Dutch dance music artist
* Alice Nutter (musician), a member of the British music band Chumbawumba
* Alice Prin, singer and actress
* Alice Mary Smith, English composer
* Alice Spooner, keyboardist in English Grime/New Rave band Hadouken!
* Alice Glass, vocalist in electronic duo Crystal Castles


* Alice of Antioch
* Alice of Cyprus
* Alice Heine, Princess of Monaco and wife of Albert I of Monaco
* Princess Alice of Albany
* Princess Alice of Battenberg
* Princess Alice of the United Kingdom
* World Leader Alice of the FWLW

Science and Medicine

* Alice Hamilton, toxicologist
* Alice Miller, Swiss psychologist
* Alice Pruvot-Fol, French opisthobranch malacologist
* Alice Rivlin, psychologist
* Alice Wilson, Canadian geologist and paleontologist
* Alice Mortlock, Astronomer, University of Sheffield
* Alice T. Maredza, Pulmonology & Clinical Immunology, University of Cape Town


* Alice Auma, Ugandan spiritualist and medium
* Alice Austen, photographer
* Alice Bailey, theologist and lecturer
* Alice Barnham, wife of Francis Bacon
* Alice Blom, Dutch volleyball player
* Alice Brock, owner of the Massachusetts eatery that inspired the Arlo Guthrie tune "Alice's Restaurant"
* Alice Brown Davis, Seminole tribal chief
* Alice Burdeu, Australian Fashion Model and winner of Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 3
* Alice Hanratty, Irish artist
* Alice Keppel, mistress of Edward VII of the United Kingdom
* Alice K. Kurashige, first Japanese-American woman in the United States Marine Corps
* Alice Liddell, the real person upon whom the eponymous heroine of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is based
* Alice Roosevelt Longworth, only child of Theodore Roosevelt and his wife
* Alice Lisle, a judge at the trial of Charles I of England
* Alice Maher Irish painter and sculptor
* Alice Mahon, British politician
* Alice Mak, Hong Kong artist and cartoonist
* Alice Malseed, Northern Irish heroine
* Alice Mills, Australian Olympic swimmer
* Alice Neel, American artist
* Alice Orlowski, high-ranking Nazi SS officer
* Alice Parizeau, Polish journalist
* Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, wife of Theodore Roosevelt
* Alice Strike, Canadian military veteran
* Alice B. Toklas, paramour of writer Gertrude Stein
* Alice Walton, the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton
* Alice Waters, American chef and restaurateur
* Alice Whitty, Canadian high jumper
* Lady Alice Boyle, wife of David Barry, 1st Earl of Barrymore
* Lady Alice Christabel Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Duchess of Gloucester

Fictional characters

* Alice, the eponymous heroine of the Lewis Carroll novels "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass"
* Alice, a fictional character in the Resident Evil Film Series, portrayed by Milla Jovovich
* Alice MacLeod, main character in Susan Juby's novel and television series, Alice, I Think.
* Alice, a caffeine-crazed engineer from Scott Adams' comic strip "Dilbert"
* Alice, Peter's male pet rabbit in Meg Rosoff's book, "Just In Case".
* Alice, Mary Elizabeth's friend in Stephen Chbosky's novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower".
* Alice Abernathy, a fictional character in the "Resident Evil" movies
* Alice, fictional character from "The Tribe"
* Alice Ayres, pseudonym for Jane Jones (played by Natalie Portman) in the film "Closer"
* Alice Elliot, a fictional character from the "Shadow Hearts" series
* Alice Danvers, a minor character in Gail Giles's novel, "Shattering Glass".
*Alice Selezneva, main character of Kir Bulychov's science fiction children books
* Alice of the Friday the 13th movies
* Alice Gunderson, a fictional character, the Quartermaines' maid on the American soap opera "General Hospital"
* Alice Hyatt, protagonist on the American sitcom "Alice"
* Alice Kramden, long-suffering wife of Ralph on the American sitcom "The Honeymooners"
* Alice Nelson, the housekeeper for the Bradys on "The Brady Bunch"
* Alice Pieszecki, a fictional character from Showtime's lesbian drama series "The L Word"
* Alice the Rabbit, one of the main protagonists of the Bloody Roar fighting game series
* Alice Cullen, an important vampire character in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight".
* Alice Longbottom, mother of Neville Longbottom in the popular fictional "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling.
* Alice Johnson, an important character in the Nightmare on Elm Street series.
* Alice Seno, a character from the manga Alice 19th.
* Alice Margatroid, from the Touhou series of manic shooter games.
* Alice Bastable, a character in E. Nesbit's The Story of the Treasure Seekers.


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