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Virtual Zoo

A Virtual Zoo is a new concept that uses the zoo model in a web format [] . Virtual zoos are basically websites that are created to simiulate a visit to a zoo, and the visitors to these sites can view exhibits about animals and their habaits. Many Zoos [] as well as schools [] have developed virtual zoos. For example, instead of actual animals a virtual zoo will have articles and photos as exhibits. There are many virtual zoos that have been created most are small and unremarkable, while some have hundreds of exhibits.

Many of these projects focus on photos of animals or the sale of animal products. Some virtual zoos are strictly educational. Zoos on the web are good sources of animal information.


The first virtual zoo was created in 1994 by Ken Boschert, DVM. [] Dr. Boschert created his site as a way of informing people about animals and how to care for them. His site has been recognized by "Education World" and "Web 100".

Many Virtual zoos Claim to be the first or the largest. By visiting the virtual zoos it is easy to see that some stand out as high quality resources and others are just pictures or advertising.


The validity of virtual zoos have met with some resistance. However, many view virtual zoos as the way of the future for conservation. Zoos have faced ethical issues surrounding the capture and keeping of wild animals. Virtual zoos can provide information and experience without any disturbance to habits or ecosystems. [ [ WAZA - World Association of Zoos and Aquariums - Animal Welfare & Ethics ] ]


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