Royal Copenhagen 2010 plaquettes

Royal Copenhagen 2010 plaquettes

Royal Copenhagen 2010 plaquettes are a series of small, collectible plates produced by Danish factories, Aluminia and Royal Copenhagen. The numbered and named series of 3-1/4” (80 mm) [cite web |url= |title=H C Andersen Plaquettes | |accessdate=2007-11-19] glazed faience (not porcelain) miniplates or "plaquettes" are generally round, though a few are square. The most common colors are moderate to deep blue on a white background, though some have additional colors.cite web |url= |title=Royal Copenhagen 2010 Plaquette Series | |accessdate=2007-11-19]

On the front, each has a scene depicting boats, landscapes, people, animals, steeples, buildings, statues, bridges, windmills, and more. Some also have a date on the outside edge. A variety of artists have provided the detailed artwork, including Kai Lange, Jørgen Nielsen, and Sven Vestergaard (1932-). [cite web |url= |title=Royal Copenhagen Plaquette 2004 | |accessdate=2007-11-19] [cite web |url= |title=News | |accessdate=2007-11-19] [cite web |url= |title=2006 Royal Copenhagen Centennial Plaquette, 3rd.ed | |accessdate=2007-11-19]

On the back, each plaquette has two pierced holes so the plaquettes can be hung for display. In addition to the number 2010, most (though not all) have an identification number, along with a description (usually in Danish, all capital letters) of the front scene. Some have the words “ROYAL COPENHAGEN DENMARK FAJENCE”, or just ‘DENMARK”. Some have the factory mark, three wavy lines one atop another. Some have a monogram. Some have the Royal Copenhagen modified beehive mark: a capital "A" representing the Aluminia factory with three wavy lines, representing Royal Copenhagen, as cross strokes. All plates manufactured after 1969 have a crown and the words "Royal Copenhagen Denmark".

Earl Nelson Newman wrote and privately printed a small hard-cover book in 1973 entitled "The Danish Royal Copenhagen Plaquettes: 2010 Series". This book contains pictures and descriptions of plates #1-#85, and the special series featuring American Presidents, zoo animals, and antique autos.


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