Infobox Nahua officeholder
name = Tlilpotonqui
title = 2nd Cihuacoatl of Mexico-Tenochtitlan
term = 8 Reed (1487) – 11 Reed (1503)
tlatoani = Ahuitzotl
Moctezuma II
predecessor = Tlacaelel I
successor = Tlacaelel II
death_date = 11 Reed (1503)
father = Tlacaelel
mother = Maquiztzin
wives = Xiuhtoztzin
children = 14 children

Tlilpotonqui or Tlilpotoncatzin (died in the year 11 Reed/1503) was the second "cihuacoatl" ("president") of Mexico-Tenochtitlan.

Tlilpotoncatzin was the second son of Tlacaelel and Maquiztzin. His father was a son of the second "tlatoani" ("ruler" or "king") of Tenochtitlan, Huitzilihuitl. While Tlacaelel never became "tlatoani" himself, as "cihuacoatl" he played a significant role in the creation of the Aztec empire. His mother was the daughter of Quetzalmazatzin, king of Itztlacozauhcan in Amaquemecan Chalco. [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, pp. 49, 141–143.] Tlilpotoncatzin succeeded his father as "cihuacoatl" upon his death in the year 8 Reed (1487). [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, p. 53; vol. 2, p. 35.]

According to the "Crónica mexicayotl" of Fernando Alvarado Tezozomoc, composed around 1598, Tlilpotoncatzin was a great, brave warrior. In battle he wore the "quetzalpatzactli", a crest of quetzal feathers. [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, p. 145.]

Tlilpotoncatzin took at least two wives, both from Amaquemecan: Xiuhtoztzin, the daughter of Yaopaintzin, "quauhtlatoani" of Tequanipan Huixtoco; and Quauhtlamiyahualtzin, a noblewoman from Acxotlan Cihuateopan. [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1., p. 153.] He fathered fourteen children, eleven males and three females. [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, p. 143.] A son by Xiuhtoztzin, Miccacalcatl Tlatletecuintzin, was installed as the ruler of Tequanipan; [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, p. 157; vol. 2, p. 89.] and one of his daughters, Tzihuacxochitzin, married Moctezuma II, and gave birth to Leonor Moctezuma and María Moctezuma. [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, pp. 55, 143, 163; vol. 2., p. 109.]

Tlilpotoncatzin died in the year 11 Reed (1503). [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, p. 157; vol. 2, p. 37.] He was succeeded by his nephew Tlacaelel II, the son of his elder brother Cacamatzin. [Chimalpahin (1997): vol. 1, p. 55; vol. 2, p. 37.]



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