Bhūta is a Sanskrit word that has several meanings:

* true, matter of fact, reality, (that which is or has been) existing, present, being or being like anything, consisting of, mixed or joined with
* Bhoot, (भूत) is the word for the ghost of a deceased person, a spirit (good or evil), a demon, imp, goblin
* of an heretical sect (with Jainas, a class of the Vyantaras)
* Shiva, of a son-in-law of Daksha and father of numerous Rudras
* of a Yaksha
* the 14th day of the dark half of the lunar month
* the lived world ("bhūtajagata")
* well-being, welfare, prosperity
* In Hindu philosophy and Buddhism, bhūta denotes a classical element. The five elements: "Akasha", "Vayu", "Agni", "Ap", and "Prithvi" (in the same order) constitute the "Pancha Mahabhutas" (five great elements).

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