Dishcloths are typically square, and are usually made of cotton or other cloths.

A dishcloth is used in the kitchen to clean dishes and other surfaces. Typically they are made of cotton or other cloth, such as microfiber, and measure 11" to 13" inches square.[citation needed]

Microwave disinfection

Dishcloths are often damp and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Since the kitchen sink is used to clean food, dishcloths are routinely infected with E. coli and salmonella. In 2007 a study from the Journal of Environmental Health found that putting a damp dishcloth (or sponge) in the microwave for 2 minutes killed 99% of living pathogens.[1] However, fire departments have subsequently warned people not to do this as it can be a fire hazard, especially if the dishcloth or sponge is not sufficiently wet. Several small fires have been started as a result of people following the advice from the study.


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