Blowback may refer to one of the following.
*Blowback (intelligence)
*Blowback (arms)
*Blowback (military) - Negative effects suffered from one's own weapons, such as nuclear fallout blown onto one's own troops or civilian population.
*Blowback (book) - a 2000 book on American Empire by Chalmers Johnson ISBN 0805075593.
*Blowback (album) - a 2001 release by rapper Tricky.
*Blowback (novel) - a novel by Brad Thor
*Blowback (jurisprudence) - The practice of printing electronic documents to paper (blowing them back to tangible form). In electronic discovery in civil litigation, documents are often produced between parties on CD or DVD because the cost of production and delivery of documents on disk is so much less than production and delivery of paper – and because the electronic versions may allow keyword searching or examination of metadata.
*Blowback (smoking) - A practice in smoking of cigarettes, also known as a shotgun. When smoking a marijuana cigarette of some sort, typically a hollowed-out cigar called a "blunt", two people can participate in the blowing of a shotgun. When the cigarette is nearly burned all the way through, the lit end is placed in one person's mouth, with his lips clenched tightly on the unburning end. Another person (or both) forms a tube with his or their hands, and the person with the cigarette in his mouth exhales forcefully, forcing the smoke into the other person's mouth. A shotgun is best "blown" not with a very short blunt, but with a longer one as there is less heat built up in the "blower's" mouth. The blunt must, however, be short enough that its airway is not too blocked and letting little smoke out.
*Another term for backscatter (e-mail)
*An aerodynamic phenomenon affecting helicopter rotors. Also called flap back.

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