Jaimal and Patta

Jaimal and Patta

Jaimal and Patta were the warriors who faced attack of Akbar in 1567 and 1568 AD on the fort of Chittor. When Akbar attacked Chittor, Rana Udai Singh II left the fort together with his family. Jaimal Rathore of Merta was appointed "qiledar" (Commander in charge) of the fort. Akbar arrived at Chittor on 23 October 1567 AD and sieged the fort. The siege continued for at least four months. Ultimately Akbar ordered to dig mines and blast them to demolish walls of the fort so the Mughal army could enter into it. The people inside the fort were running short of food and water and other supplies. Finally one morning Akbar was able to damage a wall of the fort. Next morning on 23 February 1568 AD Jaimal Rathore started repairing of the damaged wall. Akbar noticed him walking on the walls. He guessed from his clothing that he was some important person and shot at him with his gun "Sangram". The bullet hit Jaimal in the leg and wounded him. When Rajputs in the fort felt that the war could not be carried out for long, they decided to die in the war. In the same night Jauhar was committed by Rajput ladies. Next morning Rajput men under the command of lame but valiant Jaimal Rathore fought their last fight with Mughal army. When Jaimal died in the war, Patta sisodia took the command, but he too died in the battle. Akbar was so impressed with the bravery of these two warriors that he commissioned a statue of Jaimal and Patta riding on elephants. The statue was fixed at the gates of Agra fort.

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* [http://persian.packhum.org/persian/index.jsp?serv=pf&file=00701020&ct=0 persian.packhum.org] - The Akbarnama, part II, chapter 65, H.M.'s Siege of the Fortress of Citũr

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