Ingarodherai is a village in Swat District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan situated about one kilometre from Mingora city.

The village is situated on the banks of the Swat River. The road of the village also serve as the Mingora bypass road and all visitors to the Swat valley pass through the village. The village population is about five thousand.Fact|date=April 2007

The village is encircled by the villages of Nawakilai, Rahimabad, Qambar, Balogram, Takhtaband and Mingora city.The River Swat separates it from Kanju. The people living here are typical Pashtuns. There are about eight different tribes living here. i.e. Mirkhan Khel, Bostan Khel, Kata Khel, Aqdad Khel, Mazeed Khel, Degaan Khel, Gujjars and Mia Gaan.

There is a high school for boys in the village along with a middle school for girls.

Ingarodherai has historical importance in the history of Swat because the Sheikh Mali (a Pushtoon leader) managed to unite all the tribes of Swat together for the first time and carried out the decision to migrate from village to village. The people of the village are so united that even they have elected their Nazim Muhammad Ali Khan through Jirga System. Every social or development activities are also carried out using the JARGA system.

Throughout the whole swat valley, Ingarodherai is the only village from where short approaches ways are connecting many different areas/villages around it. Main personalities of different tribes areHaji Jalal Khan, Haji Sarbiland Khan, Haji Latif-ur-Rehman, Haji Khani, Haji Kaki Khan, Haji Muhammad Jan, Haji Amir Bashar Khan and Haji Abdul Aleem.

Ingarodherai is the only village situated near Mingora city where the Jarga system is still applicable.

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