Maclure Glacier

Maclure Glacier

Infobox_Glacier | glacier_name = Maclure Glacier

caption =
type = Mountain glacier
location = Mount Maclure, California, U.S.
coordinates = coord|37|44|47|N|119|16|50|W|type:glacier
area = .08 mi² (0.2 km²)
length = 0.3 mi (0.5 km)
thickness =
terminus = Talus
status = Retreating

Maclure Glacier is a glacier located on Mount Maclure in the Sierra Nevada crest of Yosemite National Park, California. Like most glaciers in the Sierras, the Maclure glacier is a small cirque glacier that is 0.3 mi (0.5 km) long and covers an area of .08 mi² (0.2 km²). The mean elevation of the glacier is around Convert|11400|ft|m|-2|abbr=on. [Cite web|title=Maclure Glacier, USGS VOGELSANG PEAK (CA) Topo Map
work=USGS Quad maps|url=|publisher=TopoQuest|accessdate=2008-07-05
] [Cite web|title=Geological Survey Professional Paper 715—B Combined Ice and Water Balances of Maclure Glacier, California, South Cascade Glacier, Washington, and Wolverine and Gulkana Glaciers, Alaska, 1967 Hydrologic Year|url=|date=2006-03-28|publisher=USGS|accessdate=2007-10-15] Both the Maclure Glacier and the Lyell Glacier, located nearby on Mount Lyell, have retreated since their first discovery. [cite web| title =Twenthieth Century Glacier Change in the Sierra Nevada, California| work =| publisher =Hassan Basagic| date =May 14, 2005| url =| accessdate = 2007-01-11]

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