Cardinal Syn

Cardinal Syn

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title = Cardinal Syn

developer = Kronos Digital Entertainment
publisher = Sony - 989 Studios
designer = Andy Koo (producer)
Sany Abe-Tsukii (producer)
Albert Co (Art Director)
Brian Min (Music and Sound)
release = vgrelease|North America|NA|June 30, 1998
vgrelease|Europe|EUR|June, 1998
genre = Fighting
ratings = ESRB: M (Mature) (17+)
modes = Tournament, Team Battle, Survival, Vs Player, Training
platforms = Sony PlayStation
media = 1 CD-ROM
input = Playstation controller

This article is about the videogame for playstation; For the GWAR character see RagNaRok

"Cardinal Syn" is a fighting game developed by Kronos Digital Entertainment, the creators of Criticom and Dark Rift and published by Sony through their 989 Studios.


A 3D fighting game with free roaming features that allows you to move around a small interactive battlefield during combat, similar to the slightly more famed Ehrgeiz. The combatants are designed out of a dark fantasy world similar to Dungeons & Dragons, a great number of them non-human, each armed with melee weapons fitting for the style. The title gave access to combos, juggles, stage hazards, fatalities, projectiles, and battlefield powerups.


War had engulfed the Clans of the Bloodlands for numerous generations, each having a great hatred for the other. But one day a mysterious being put a stop to the carnage, summoning all the clans together and read from his Book of Knowledge which spoke of the harmony they could achieve by uniting in peace. For many years, the Clans put aside their weapons and enjoyed peace under the guidance of the stranger they had named the "Wanderer". Then when the land seemed to be paling and dying, the stranger divided the Book into scrolls and gave one to each clan before he vanished before their very eyes.

It took no time at all before the Clans were at each other's throats, vying for control of all the scrolls in the Book's entirety. War again fiercely reclaimed the Bloodlands. And then, in the middle of a particularly brutal battle, a magical woman named Syn appeared brandishing the icon of the Wanderer that he had used as a symbol of clan unity. She coerced the clan leaders to hand their scrolls over to her where she turned them into three inscribed swords which held the knowledge of the Book.

She then declared a tournament. Each clan would send its greatest warrior to engage in battles to the death. The survivor and winner of the tournament would be declared ruler of their Clan and given the entire Bloodlands to command, as well as gain access to the secrets of the swords. Yet that first tournament saw no winner, as Syn herself secretly killed the final warrior. Centuries passed and the wars raged on but now a new tournament is about to be held and the Clan leaders are sending their very best to battle for the rite to power.


tarting characters

* "Mongoro"; Clan of the Cyclops
* "Nephra"; Clan of the Sethite
* "Plague"; Clan of the Wretched
* "McKrieg"; Clan of the Dwarves
* "Vanguard"; Clan of the Dark Knights
* "Princess Orion"; Clan of the Elven
* "Finkster"; Clan of the Thieves
* "Hecklar"; Clan of the Jester

Unlockable characters

* "Bimorphia"
* "Redemptor"
* "Moloch"
* "Kahn"
* "Juni"
* "Vodu"
* "Stygian"
* "Mongwan"
* "Syn"
* "Kron"


Official US Manual

[ Game FAQs] (external link)

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