Polish organ tablatures

Polish organ tablatures

Polish organ tablatures include some of the earliest and most important sources of instrumental music in Europe. Particularly well-known is the Jan z Lublina tablature, which dates from mid-16th century and contains some 250 pieces. Most Polish organ tablatures use the German form of notation. The genres vary from all kinds of liturgical music to dances and vocal intabulations. This article presents a partial list of Polish organ tablatures, in chronological order.


* Augustinians' tablature from Żagań (Sagan) (ca. 1425)


* Tablature by Jan z Lublina (1537–48)
* Cracow tablature ("Nicolaus Cracoviensis") (1548)
* Łowicz tablature (also known as Martin Leopolita tablature) (ca. 1580)
* Gdańsk tablature (1591)
* Toruń tablature (by Johannes Fischer of Morąg) (1591–1604)
* Samogitian tablature from Kroże (also known as Adam of Wągrowiec tablature) (ca. 1618)
* Oliwa tablature, the 1st (1619), another name is the Braunsberg (Braniewo) tablature


* Pelplin tablature (1620–80)
* Vilnius tablature (also known as Sapieha album) (ca. 1626)
* Ostromeczew tablature (also known as Polotsk notebook, or Polotsk tablature, or "silva rerum") (ca. 1640)
* Warsaw tablature (ca. 1680)

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