Badger Creek Wilderness

Badger Creek Wilderness

Infobox_protected_area | name = Badger Creek Wilderness
iucn_category = Ib

caption =Badger Creek Wilderness
locator_x =
locator_y =
location = Oregon, USA
nearest_city = Dufur, Oregon
lat_degrees = 45
lat_minutes = 18
lat_seconds = 22
lat_direction = N
long_degrees = 121
long_minutes = 28
long_seconds = 35
long_direction = W
area = convert|2400|acre|km2|1|sing=off
established = 1984
visitation_num =
visitation_year =
governing_body = U.S. Forest Service
The Badger Creek Wilderness is a convert|2400|acre|km2|1|sing=on wilderness area located east of Mount Hood in the northwestern Cascades of Oregon, United States. It is one of six designated wilderness areas in the Mount Hood National Forest; the others being Mark O. Hatfield, Salmon-Huckleberry, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, and Bull of the Woods.


The elevation of Badger Creek Wilderness ranges from convert|2100|ft|m|0|sing=off to convert|6525|ft|m|0|sing=off. Steep walled glacial valleys lead to the top of Lookout Mountain, at convert|6525|ft|m|0|sing=off. [ [ Northwest Regional Wilderness Area Directory] ] Annual precipitation in the Wilderness ranges from convert|80|in|cm|0|sing=off on the western ridges to convert|20|in|cm|0|sing=off in the dry eastern lowlands.cite book| last =Sullivan| first =William L.| editor =Thurman, Paula (Ed.)| title =Exploring Oregon's Wild Areas (3rd ed.)| publisher =The Mountaineers Books| year =2002]

Three creeks drain the Wilderness - Badger, Little Badger, and Tygh. [ Badger Creek Wilderness] -]


Lookout Mountain and the high ridgeland extending east support a subalpine ecosystem, with hardy trees and rocky terrain. Penstemon, Indian paintbrush, yellow avalanch lilies, and stonecrop are common in the area. Farther east in the Wilderness the climate is warm and dry, where ponderosa pine forest and extensive growths of Oregon white oak and grasslands are common. Larkspur, shooting star, lupine, balsamroot, death camas, and purple onion can be found in the area.


Common recreational activities in Badger Creek Wilderness include hiking, camping, wildlife watching, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding. There are approximately convert|55|mi|km|0|sing=off of developed trails in the Wilderness. These trails lead to Lookout Mountain, Flag Point fire lookout, Badger Lake, and along Badger, Little Badger, and Tygh Creeks. There are several primitive campsites in the wilderness.


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