List of The Sarah Jane Adventures minor characters

List of The Sarah Jane Adventures minor characters

This is a list of minor characters from the television series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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An alien criminal from the Veil race who has the unique ability to body jump, Androvax the Annihilator is introduced in Prisoner of the Judoon. He has gained this name because after his planet died from its nearest star going out, he destroyed 12 planets and is still wanted in 5 galaxies by the Judoon, he thinks that destruction is the way of the universe. Though he is captured, he appears once more in the story The Vault of Secrets. Having been escaped from a prison in a swamp, he has been poisoned by an alien viper. Later, he controls Sarah Jane's mind and uses her to potentially harm Luke, Rani and Clyde. Near to death, he asks Sarah Jane to help wake the last 100 survivors of his race, the Veils, from their sleep in the Vault of Secrets. He was successful in the end as the Androvax searches for a new world for the Veils to reside in. He has a long tongue and scaly skin.


Bane Mother

The Bane Mother, seen in "Invasion of the Bane", is a very large Bane hidden in the roof of the Bubble Shock! factory controlling the Bane invasion of Earth. She is disturbed by Kelsey Hooper's mobile phone and eventually destroyed in the explosion caused by Luke Smith's activation of the Arcateen 5 alien's summoning device.[1]


Gita Chandra

Gita Chandra, played by Mina Anwar, is the mother of Rani Chandra (Anjili Mohindra). In The Day of the Clown, along with her husband, Haresh Chandra and daughter, Rani, Gita moves into the Jacksons' old house on Bannerman Road opposite Sarah Jane and Luke Smith's house. Gita Chandra replaces the character Chrissie Jackson who leaves with Alan Jackson and Maria Jackson.[2][3][4][5]

Haresh Chandra

Haresh Chandra, played by Ace Bhatti, is the father of Rani Chandra. In The Day of the Clown, along with his wife, Gita Chandra (Mina Anwar) and daughter, Rani, Haresh moves into the Jacksons' old house on Bannerman Road opposite Sarah Jane and Luke Smith's house. Haresh Chandra replaces the character Alan Jackson who leaves with Chrissie Jackson and Maria Jackson.[3][4][5][6] He is also the new headmaster of Park Vale High School, in which role he quickly forms an antagonistic relationship with Clyde Langer.[7]


The Doctor

Peter Dalton

Peter Dalton, played by Nigel Havers appeared in both parts of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. He died by a very big fall down the stairs in his flat and the Trickster appeared to give him a new life. He didn't realise he followed orders from the Trickster. The Doctor mentioned that to save Sarah Jane and take everybody back to the present, he had to die again. He couldn't refuse and his last words were "goodbye, Sarah Jane Dalton" and vanished to death.


Davey, played by Jamie Davis, and referred to as 'the muffin' by Kelsey Hooper, was first seen in "Invasion of the Bane". He is really a Bane who poses as a PR officer for Bubble Shock! and gives tours of the Bubble Shock! factory. He is also responsible for security and scanning the visitors to provide modelling information for the Bubble Shock! scientists developing the Archetype. He is young and somewhat cocky as well as slightly naïve; his training on human culture led him to believe that a male entering a female-use bathroom was an unforgivable taboo of the culture. Mrs Wormwood assigns Davey to assassinate Sarah Jane Smith but he was beaten back by a special anti-repellant spray which Sarah uses against him. When he fails, Mrs Wormwood informs him that he will become food for the Bane Mother.[1]


Kelsey Hooper

Kelsey Hooper,[8] played by Porsha Lawrence-Mavour, is a resident of Bannerman Road who befriends Maria Jackson shortly after Maria and her father move in down the road in the pilot episode, "Invasion of the Bane".

One of the 98 per cent of the population addicted to the soft drink Bubble Shock!, Kelsey took Maria to see the Bubble Shock! factory, where she became embroiled in Sarah Jane Smith's attempt to fight off the invading aliens, the Bane. However, Kelsey fell under the Bane's control owing to her addiction. When Sarah Jane, Maria and Luke Smith defeated the Bane, Kelsey had reportedly recovered, but was denying the existence of aliens.

She is attracted to the human form of Davey and to Luke and likes Hollyoaks. She wonders if she is fat, and if she will ever be kissed.[1]

The character was dropped from the series following the "Invasion of the Bane", possibly because she received poor reception from fans, and was replaced by the more easy-going Clyde Langer played by Daniel Anthony in the first series.[9]

Horath the Destroyer

An immortal entity who once ruled over a totalitarian regime known as the Dark Empire that spanned the known universe. Horath was incredibly powerful and was capable of crushing entire planets to dust. Somehow Horath was defeated but it couldn't be destroyed so its consciousness was split from its body and imprisoned in a scroll. Its body was allegedly hidden on Earth. In the series 2 finale, Enemy of the Bane, Mrs Wormwood comes to Earth and aids Sarah Jane in finding the Scroll of Horath so that they can stop the Bane from resurrecting Horath. It is eventually revealed however that Mrs Wormwood wants the Scroll for herself. Assisted by the Sontaran Kaagh, she seeks to revive Horath believing that once it takes over the universe she will rule creation at its side. She tells Kaagh that for helping her he will rule the universe with her and Horath but she secretly holds Kaagh in contempt, considering him an "imbecile" and wants Luke whom she looks on as a son to join her saying that he and she will be made gods once Horath takes power. It is later explained that rather than being a life-form in the usual sense, Horath was in fact a cyber-organic being, akin to a supercomputer. It is also revealed that its body was sent to another dimension and the portal is on Earth. Mrs Wormwood attempts to open the gate, crying "the Age of Wormwood approaches" but after she betrays him, Kaagah pushes her into the vortex, falling in with her and overloading the portal which closes, sealing Kaagh and Wormwood in the other dimension with Horath.

Horath's true form was never seen but it is possible that it was of the same ilk as the Great Beast from Doctor Who and the Beast's son, Abaddon who appeared in Torchwood. The Torchwood website alluded to the possibility of other creatures like the Beast and Abaddon sealed on planets throughout the universe so this is quite plausible.


Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson, played by Joseph Millson, is Maria Jackson's father. He is divorced from Maria's mother, Chrissie, and he and Maria are seen moving into Bannerman Road in "Invasion of the Bane". He works in IT, blocking super-viruses; he once did an IT job in a school, and is capable, in The Lost Boy, of obtaining an 'Armageddon Virus' that completely wipes out Mr Smith's databanks. He was one of the 98 per cent of the population that became addicted to Bubble Shock! during the Bane's attempted invasion of Earth. He later made a full recovery. Alan and Chrissie appear to still get on when she visits Maria, however Revenge of the Slitheen indicates there is some tension between them, Maria commenting that they used to argue a lot when the lived together. In the episode Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Alan becomes involved in fighting of an alien plot, and thus becomes aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life, Mr Smith and of his daughter's involvement with aliens. He appeared in all stories of the first series, except for Warriors of Kudlak. During the Dalek invasion of Earth in the Doctor Who episodes "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End, he was in Cornwall with Maria.

In the first story of the second season, The Last Sontaran, Alan is offered a job in America, but is unsure about taking it. At the end of the story he takes the job, and he and Maria leave Bannerman Road. However, the group still call for his computer expertise on occasion; Millson appears as Alan Jackson via webcam in The Mark of the Berserker, when in Sarah Jane's absence, Luke and Rani require him to hack into a UNIT database for critical information. He also subsequently uses UNIT technology to track the location of Clyde Langer and his own skills to get in contact with Sarah Jane.

Chrissie Jackson

Chrissie Jackson, played by Juliet Cowan, is Maria Jackson's mother first seen in "Invasion of the Bane". She is divorced from Maria's father, Alan, but seems to have kept his surname. She lives with her (unseen on screen) boyfriend, Ivan, who, unlike her, was one of the 98 per cent of the population that became addicted to Bubble Shock! during the Bane's attempted invasion of Earth. Ivan chased her round their bedroom trying to get her to drink Bubble Shock!, which she interpreted as foreplay, until her neighbour arrived doing the same. Ivan and her neighbour later made full recoveries. Chrissie and Alan appear to still get on and she regularly visits him and Maria. She and Ivan are getting married. Luke Smith describes her as "rude" when she interrupts his and Sarah Jane Smith's conversation with Alan and Maria. Chrissie was also the one to inform the police when Luke is discovered to be a "genetic match" of a young boy called Ashley. She also refers to Sarah Jane as "Mary Jane" & "Calamity Jane"

In the second series story The Last Sontaran, Chrissie follows Alan to Sarah Jane's house and discovers Mr Smith. She accepts the existence of aliens, and rescues Sarah Jane, Maria, Clyde and Luke from Commander Kaagh by driving her stiletto heel into his probic vent. She loses consciousness and the others try to convince her she was knocked out when her heel snapped. At the end of the episode, as they wave Alan and Maria off, she tells Sarah Jane she remembers what really happened.

Santiago Jones

Santiago is the grandson of Jo Jones, played by Finn Jones. He has travelled the world but hasn't been with his whole family since February as his mum and dad are too busy protesting. Santiago helps Clyde, Rani and The Doctor to defeat the Shansheeth in Death of the Doctor.


K-9 Mark IV

Sarah Jane Smith's pet robot dog, K-9 Mark IV, voiced by John Leeson, is away for much of the series' run, sealing a black hole created by scientists in Switzerland. In the pilot episode, "Invasion of the Bane", Sarah Jane states that he has been away for a hear and a half. His orbit brings him into brief contact with Sarah Jane every so often, as seen in "Invasion of the Bane".

He also plays a major role toward the end of the final episode of Series 1. By exchanging laser fire with Mr Smith, K-9 provides Sarah Jane with the distraction she needs to download the Armageddon Virus into Mr Smith. After this fight, K-9 returns to the black hole.

In the finale of Doctor Who Series 4, "Journey's End", Sarah Jane calls on K-9 to leave the black hole again to transmit the TARDIS base code to Mr Smith so that the latter can access its navigation system and direct the TARDIS back to the solar system whilst towing the Earth home.

In Series 3, K-9 permantly leaves the black hole because Eve's ship needed to use the black hole's energy, thus closing it. K-9 departs the Smith home again in "The Nightmare Man", when Sarah Jane sends him off to be Luke's companion at Oxford University.

Commander Kaagh

Commander Kaagh the Slayer (played by Anthony O'Donnell) was attached to the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet's Special Assault Squad. He was the lone survivor of a failed invasion of Earth (in the Doctor Who episodes "The Sontaran Stratagem" and "The Poison Sky") by the Sontarans. When Luke Rattigan (Ryan Sampson) destroyed the Sontaran flagship Kaagh's space pod was sent off course and crashed down to the planet Earth. Despite damage to the ship and exposure to G-force which might have killed him, injured and scarred on his face and one hand, Kaagh survived. As part of the Special Assault Squad, Kaagh's purpose was to infiltrate deep behind enemy lines in order to predict and anticipate their movements. Kaagh hoped that by doing this he could make up for his fleets failure to conquer Earth. He began to began a covert attempt at destroying Earth and make himself a hero, "Kaagh the Avenger", then "Kaagh the Destroyer". To this end, he used a neural control implant on Professor Nicholas Skinner and his daughter Lucy in The Last Sontaran, both of whom ran Tycho, a radio telescope nearby. Kaagh planned to use the telescope to bring down Earth's many orbital satellites in a coordinated attack on the planet's nuclear power plants, which would have rendered the planet un-livable. His plan was discovered by Sarah Jane Smith, her son Luke and their friends Clyde Langer and Maria Jackson. Kaagh attempted to kill her and her young friends whom he considered as 'half-forms'. However before his plan could come to effect Kaagh was attacked in his probic vent by Maria's mother, Chrissie Jackson and forced to return home to Sontar in his scout-ship. However Sarah Jane suspected that he would one day return.

He returned working with Mrs Wormwood (Samantha Bond) in series two finale Enemy of the Bane where they attempt together to get revenge on Sarah Jane and take over the universe. When she betrays him, he retaliates by tackling her into a black hole to which they are both lost.

General Kudlak

General Kudlak is a member of a bug-like race called the Uvodni, first introduced in Warriors of Kudlak. He served in his race's military until injuries forced him to retire. In order to gain more troops for his race's continuing war effort, Kudlak was dispatched to Earth. He seized control of the Combat 3000 laser game franchise, which he secretly used to find human children with strong combat skills. These children were teleported to Kudlak's orbiting spaceship and dispatched to fight in his race's war. Kudlak took orders from a battle computer that used the image of a female of his race as an avatar, which he referred to as "Mistress". An error left the computer unable to comprehend the concept of the war ending, so it withheld from Kudlak an announcement of peace from his emperor for over a decade. When this fact was revealed, by intervention of Luke Smith's computer hacking, Kudlak destroyed the computer. He then dedicated his life to finding and returning the already dispatched human children, hoping to gain inner peace by doing so.


Carla Langer

Carla Langer, played by Jocelyn Jee Esien is Clyde Langer's mum. Alluded to in previous episodes, she first appears in series two's The Mark of the Berserker. Prior to this, she and Clyde were known to be together during the Dalek invasion of Earth ("The Stolen Earth", Doctor Who). She and Clyde's father eventually divorced after he ran off with her sister, Mel.

Paul Langer

Paul Langer, played by Gary Beadle is Clyde Langer's estranged father, who ran out on his family after running off with his sister-in-law. He makes his first appearance in The Mark of the Berserker where he tries to reconnect with Clyde (because he is tempted to run off when discovering his new wife is pregnant). Clyde tries to impress his dad with information about his dangerous life fighting aliens, and while in Sarah Jane Smith's attic, Paul pockets a mind-control pendant belonging to a race of alien "Berserkers".

He referred to the phrase "like the Daleks" to describe the aliens Clyde was telling him about.

Paul indulges in the mind-control (and with it, the power to make his son forgive him) until he is almost transformed into a war-hungry Berserker. Just as he was about to take Clyde on a trip to see the world, Sarah Jane and Clyde manage to convince Paul to relinquish the locket, and he promises to return to Germany and return all the items he used the pendant to steal.


Lesley, played by Rungano Nyoni, was Mrs Wormwood's PA and Secretary at Bubble Shock! as seen in "Invasion of the Bane". Although not seen in Bane form, as with the rest of the factory workers, it was implied she was a Bane. She was tasked with killing Sarah Jane Smith in a lift. However, Sarah spotted her in a mirror and intercepted the attack, wounding Lesley.[1]

Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

Retired UNIT commandeing officer and Sarah Jane's friend since 1973, Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is shown in a photograph in Sarah Jane's attic in the pilot episode, "Invasion of the Bane", marking the first use of classic-era Doctor Who footage in the revived era. He returns in-person in "Enemy of the Bane", having been a frequent companion of the Doctor on Doctor Who from The Web of Fear through Battlefield and the non-canonical special "Dimensions in Time". He co-stars with Sarah Jane and fellow former companion Victoria Waterfield in the direct-to-video movie, Downtime. In addition to his guest starring return in Enemy of the Bane, he is referred to in "Invasion of the Bane", Revenge of the Slitheen, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and Death of the Doctor. Sarah Jane considers naming Luke after him when selecting the boy's name.[10]


Bea Nelson-Stanley

Bea Nelson-Stanley, played by Phyllida Law, is an old lady residing in Lavendar Lawns, a nursing home as seen in Eye of the Gorgon. She is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. As the appearance of a mysterious nun sighted in the nursing home is investigated, Bea entrusts Luke Smith with an alien talisman which her husband, Edgar, gave to her. Bea later reveals that her husband had seen Sontarans. After the talisman is used to defeat the Gorgon, Sarah Jane Smith and Maria Jackson return it to Bea; she briefly sees a vision of her husband, but is not cured of her Alzheimer's as Maria had hoped.

The character's husband, Edgar Nelson-Stanley, is referenced in the Torchwood spin-off novel Trace Memory.


Professor Celeste Rivers

Professor Celeste Rivers, (played by Floella Benjamin) was a senior scientist working at the Pharos Institute. She showed Sarah Jane Smith around the Institute in The Lost Boy, much to the dismay of Korst Gogg Thek Lutiven-Day Slitheen, then masquerading as the Human child prodigy Nathan Goss. She later unofficially permitted Sarah Jane to take away a fragment of the Weserbergland Meteorite kept at the Institute in The Day of the Clown. She appears again in The Eternity Trap, investigating a supposedly haunted house. She also appears in Sky at Wreckers yard.


Glune Fex Fize Sharleveer-Slam Slitheen

Glune Fex Fize otherwise known as Mr Blakeman was a Slitheen in charge of the family attempting to drain the Earth of power. At some point during 2008 or 2009 he killed the Headmaster of Park Vale School in Ealing: he then used this disguise to build a machine in the new Technology Block that drain most of the Earth's power. When Sarah Jane and her associates attempted to destroy the machine in Revenge of the Slitheen, he cornered Maria and Clyde who wounded him with vinegar something the Slitheen are allergic to. He taunted and belittled Maria who then threw the vinegar at him causing him to explode. Mr Blakeman, in which the Slitheen had killed, was referenced in The Day of the Clown by Haresh Chandra, who said he disappeared.

Kist Magg Thek Lutovin-Day Slitheen

Kist Magg Thek was a Slitheen in the disguise of Park Vale teacher Mr Jeffrey. He was deputy to Glune Fex Fize. He had a son in the disguise of Carl, a school boy. When Glune was killed in Revenge of the Slitheen, Kist assumed control but was defeated by Luke Smith in front of the Slitheen from around the world, destroying the machine. As the machine malfunctioned, Kist begged for his son's safety. Carl teleported as Kist died at the same time. Sarah Jane hadn't realise that Carl had teleported and assumed he was dead along with his father, but they met again in The Lost Boy.

Nathan Slitheen (Carl)

As Kist Magg Thek Lutovin-Day Slitheen's son, he was accredited as Carl, a Slitheen in disguise, in Revenge of the Slitheen. When a Slitheen-built machine malfunctions, it killed his father as Carl teleported. He returns once more in The Lost Boy with two other Slitheens as they worked with the mysterious Xylok, later to be revealed as Mr Smith. They were able to capture Luke: however, they had no knowledge of Mr Smith's further plans as he uses Luke and a stolen telepathic device to draw the Moon down on Earth. In the end, the Slitheen helps Sarah Jane teleport to her attic, where she installs the Armageddon Virus into Mr Smith's hardware and resets his main purpose as a Xylok. The Slitheen flies away without any harm.

The skullions(Plark)

They are a race who originate from Skultos. They were bought by Harrison and were treated as slaves. They did no harm to anyone and they are friendly aliens. The crew helped them to get back to their planet safely by finding their ship. Harrison has a pen then is used to torture and shock the skullions. Plark is the leader and the master treats them very badly. The skullions controlled Joseph Surf when they worked for Harrison. They have one big eye and wear brown sacks. They appeared in both parts of 'The man who never was'. This was the third and final story of the fifth and final series. The skullions are able to drink citrus juices as pure water burns. Harrison sprayed them to be cruel and they have been working for him since their ship crashed. They all survived to fill a happy ending as they went back to skultos.They didnt do harm to anyone and they are one of the rare and kind aliens there are.


Martin Trueman

Martin Trueman (played by Russ Abbott) was an astrologer who lived in East Acton, London, England. He was possessed by the Ancient Lights and began to give highly accurate readings, quickly gaining in popularity and starting a show where he demonstrated his talents before a live audience. His act caught the attention of the Psychic Channel, giving him a medium to enact the Ancient Lights' master plan on a nationwide scale. He also took an interest in Sarah Jane Smith, knowing that she had traveled with The Doctor.

The power of the Ancient Lights enabled him to fire energy blasts and exert control over his clients, as well as give accurate information about the past and future.

When his plan of possessing the world and make them "join the circle and the Ancient Lights" was foiled, he said that it was his destiny and vanished in a disintegrating-like fashion and was pulled from Earth and into space. His fate after that and why he was truly "chosen" remains a mystery.


Mrs Wormwood

Mrs Wormwood, played by Samantha Bond, first appeared in the opening special episode Invasion of the Bane, making her the show's first and oldest villain. She is the head of the Bubble Shock! company, which is in reality a front for the aliens known as the Bane. The Bane are disguised as humans as part of a plan to invade Earth. She oversees the creation of the Archetype. She knows of Sarah Jane Smith by reputation prior to meeting her for the first time in "Invasion of the Bane", and therefore summons Sarah to her office when she is found intruding in the Bubble Shock! factory. Sarah Jane mentions to her that "Wormwood" in the Bible refers to a star that falls to Earth, poisoning the rivers. Mrs Wormwood reveals her true form to Kelsey Hooper, before wiping her memory and sending her home with Davey, allowing him to pursue Sarah Jane. When the factory explodes and the Bane are defeated, she escapes by descending in a secret lift, vowing to exact her vengeance against Sarah Jane.

Appearing in the series two finale Enemy of the Bane, she is on the run from the Bane for her failures when she seeks the help of Sarah Jane in attaining the Scrolls of Horath, under the auspices of preventing the Bane from unleashing the entity Horath upon the world. However, she works with the renegade Sontaran Kaagh to take control of Horath herself, and tries to convince Luke that as his creator she is "real mother" over Sarah Jane and promises to unlock his potential and make him into a god. However, her own callousness and lack of honour leads her to betray Kaagh, who in retaliation knocks them both into Horath's portal into which they are lost in time and space.


Andrea Yates

A friend of Sarah Jane's from her schooldays. In the original, 'correct' timeline, she gets drowned on July the 13th, 1964 when Sarah was thirteen, breaking into a closed seaside pier and falling off the pier to her death. Alien intervention in Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?, swaps Andrea for Sarah, creating a new timeline where Andrea is alive in the present and Sarah long since dead, leaving the Earth vulnerable to a meteor strike. Maria Jackson, still capable of remembering Sarah (because of a strange puzzle box Sarah Jane had given to her, but it was originally given to Sarah Jane from a soothsayer) after the Trickster has placed Sarah Jane in limbo, confronts Andrea, who has forgotten the deal she made; however, Maria's intervention causes her to remember. She ultimately decides to go back on her deal, with the result that she is killed in 1964 after all, with one difference to the original timeline; she now manages to say 'Remember me' before falling off the pier. The adult Andrea was played by Jane Asher, and the thirteen year old Andrea by Francesca Miller.

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